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PM Response
I received a PM response from someone following the blog that I couldn't respond to directly.

I REALLY wish you'd condone attacks on egotistical authors. They're the type of folk who need to be knocked down a peg. Blaming YOU for their mistakes. You're a critic; It's your ding-dang job to point out flaws. Now, this is hypocritical, coming from me: I used to REALLY HATE Roger Egbert for dissing "Hocus Pocus."

A good author/creator knows when they've made a mistake. A bad author/creator bashes their critics. Cases in point: When Batman & Robin bombed, Joel Schumacher apologized. Blaming himself for "killing Batman." The writers at Teen Titans Go, in the face of criticism, have made ENTIRE EPISODES devoted to slamming their critics.

To be honest, though, some of the Suefics on here are well-written and have potential. They just have major flaws.

I cannot, for the life of me, stand character bashers.

I don't CARE if any author is young. They need to learn NOW that, yes, they'll have critics. They'll have flamers. They'll have doubts. Constantly praising someone, no matter what they do, will feed their ego.

Here is my response.

I don't condone attacks because there is a difference between an attack and a critique. Critique most definitely has always been fair game here on Pottersues both in regards to the story and the Suethor's behavior, but not personal attacks telling the writer to die or never write again. While it is true every single Pottersues has warned the minions when they suspect the writer is young, that is to help the minions better tailor their critique to said writer. The rule regarding young writers isn't no critique allowed, but two things. First, younger writers typically don't know as much about the world and writing process as adults do. Second, while it is true they will have critics, some young writers don't realize this, and we are potentially their first serious critique ever. Thus it's our job to explain this is part of the course.

Hope this helps.

Pottesues the IV

I felt this was important to note that minnions are allowed to critique stories. If you see a young writer to whom you want to help out by critiquing, then go ahead and do so. Just remember that your critique may be the first they've ever gotten. The only other rule to remember is not to link the writers here. While some are ready to find their stories featured, others are not. Some of the writers who've discovered their stories here in the past have been quite vicious not only to the followers of the blog, but other writers as well.


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