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4051: Not This Time - Hermione J. Granger
TITLE: Not This Time
PERPETRATOR: Drago Dormiens
COVER/BANNER ART: The writer’s avatar is from an Anime, but I’m not sure which one.
SUMMARY:”Hermione J. Granger only wanted to go back in time to help certain events from happening. But time is a fickle thing, therefore would rather she change time by being apart of it. Meet Hermione D. Potter, twin sister to James C. Potter. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter or its characters. All rights go to J.K. Rowling.”
FULL NAME: Hermione J. Granger
SPECIES: timetravel!sue
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: Hermione travels back in time despite the fact she doesn’t need to in canon just to become Harry’s twin sister. The story didn’t get past her being reborn in the first chapter. In fact, this one starts off with a letter from Hermione about how things can go wrong before getting into the
ORIGIN: Another story which breaks the canon rules of time travel.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Breaking the rules of canon.

NOTES: Why give this a toxic rating despite the fact there is less than four-hundred words? The small part packed in a lot.


Infant cries filled the night air as the mediwitch in charge bustled into the hospital room. Turning on the light, with a flick of her wand, she made her way to the crib beside her patient's bed. Casting a diagnostic spell over her sleeping patient, nodding when everything came back positive, she looked into the crib with a smile. The sight that greeted her made her remember how much she loved her job. Waving her wand over the sleeping infants, she smiled when the diagnostic spell was once again positive. It was a hard night for the two infants, one of them almost didn't make it, but she knew they would in the end.


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