5127: Dark Flower - Edward Necro/Erik Lokison

Number four on the list is Avengers at 2.2k. Yet again I found more than one story to feature.

Title: Dark Flower

Perpetrator: Edward Necro

Sue-O-Meter: Bad

Cover/Banner Art: The writer’s avatar is of an Anime character, possibly the writer’s OC.

Summary: …What happens when one Albus Dumbledoor Headmaster of Hogwarts supreme mugwump warlock finds out thet there is evidence of his dirty past that he so desperately tried to bury and the said evidence is very much alive so basically dumbles find out that he has a grandson and the said grandson is very much power full Edward is dark ( NOT EVIL!) and he is son of Loki

Full Name: Erik Lokison (yes, he’s Loki’s son)/Edward Necro

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5126: Kunoichi at Hogwarts - Naruto "Nara" Uzumaki

The third most popular fandom to cross over with Harry Potter on the pit is Naruto. There are over 2.6k crossovers for the two fandom.

Title: Kunoichi at Hogwarts

Perpetrator: Amaterasu53

Sue-O-Meter: Toxic

Cover/Banner Art: It's a picture of Hogwarts castle.

Summary: Naru doesn't know how she landed in a country or school she's never heard of with only one arm and a tired fox but assumes it's Sasuke's fault. The only other explanation is that she's in the Tsukiyomi, something she fears. First priority: learning how to summon or make a clone with one hand, or maybe she can use a "wand?" Who would imagine she'd find her twin true loves here!

Full Name: Naruto “Naru” Uzumaki (Would they have actually named their daughter Naruto?)

Sueworts House(s): I’ve sorted Naru into Quanonreip before I’ve even started as the entire narrative for Naruto actually falls apart if Naruto is female instead of male. Bitchiwitch is her next house as she’s constantly acting in a bratty manner while playing up how woeful her life’s been which I don’t understand as there should surely been differences to the Naruto narrative with Naru being female.

Species: An OC pretending to be a female version of a canon character.

Physical Description: In the second chapter, we get the line of, “she couldn’t help that she was missing an arm thanks to the Bastard, or that Uzumaki women were supposedly “gifted” when it came to her figures!” Which, “THAT was another reason she needed bandages to squish her goods down, rather than this bra thing that all but put them on display.” Anybody else wondering why she doesn’t already have this if her chest size was such an issue?

Possessions: Sasuke is her “brother figure” instead of rival. She also never had a purse, so gets suepr excited when she gets one. This is said two chapters after the writer brings up the fact Naru has a “cute little toad purse,” which can be seen here. Her wand is “Maple. Foxtail. A 16-inch relic of a different time,” which in turn is a wand Olivander would not have. She also gets a big fat toad which has been in the shop for ten years that the shop owner tries to convince her she doesn’t want and toad gets to ride on her head like Akamaru does for Kiba. (Another Naruto character.) She’s also told she needs a ball gown and throws a fit.)

Origin: My first thought at reading the summary was, “So basically they’ve taken what we see happen a lot to Harry and by this I mean taking his background and tacking it onto a female OC and claiming she is a female version of Harry rather than an OC, but this time it’s Naruto instead of Harry.” The second thought crossing my mind was to think, “What motivation is there for a female Naruto to be rivals with Sasuke,” which in turn means all that background being used for the so-called Naruto OC goes out the window.

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5125: Harry Potter, Squatter

And here is the third I found.

Title: Harry Potter, Squatter

Perpetrator: Enterprise1701-d

Sue-O-Meter: Awful

Cover/Banner Art: None

Summary: …Based on a challenge by Gabriel Herrol. A young Harry Potter is abandoned in new York by the Dursleys. He finds his way onto Olympus and starts squatting in an abandoned temple...

Full Name: Harry Potter

Sueworts House(s): Bitchiwitch he is because the Dursley’s have yet again abandoned him in America.

Species: Harry is a Squatter despite Hestia giving him a home by the second chapter. No, I do not consider what he’s doing squatting as he has permission to be there.

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5124: Voldemort's Necklace - Ginny and Voldemort

Here is the second story I found in the Percy Jackson section.

Title: Voldemort's Necklace

Perpetrator: hermionesotterpatronus

Sue-O-Meter: Toxic

Cover/Banner Art: Writer doesn’t have an avatar yet.

Summary: Voldemort tries to make himself even more immortal and Hecate counters with becoming Harry's patron and making Ginny a half-blood. But the demigods have other plans. Nico doesn't want to do this, Piper is offended, and Percy is over it all. Not another villain, PLEASE, Fates.

Full Name: Ginny Weasley, Voldemort

Sueworts House(s): She’s in Bitchiwitch because she’s a bitch to the Weasley family and she’s attempting to be a bad ass only to end up being a major jerk.

Species: Ginny the abused by the Weasley Sue

Physical Description: Like canon.

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5123: Tournament of the Gods - Percy Jackson, Amelia Bones, Mad Eye Moody

The fandom that comes in second regarding what fandom are crossed over with Harry Potter on the pit just so happens to be Percy Jackson and the Olympians which has over 3.5k in crossovers. I’d originally planned on doing just one entry and moving onto the next fandom, but there were actually three stories which stood out to me the moment I clicked on the fandom.

Title: Tournament of the Gods

Perpetrator: JaguarAJG

Sue-O-Meter: Awful

Cover/Banner Art: Didn't stop and see.

Summary: During the fight with Kronos, something goes wrong. This something is so disastrous, it draws the attention of wizard Newt Scamander, and before you know it, Percy, Nico and Annabeth are shipped off to Hogwarts to compete in a Tournament, with a Dark Lord prophesized to return! AU. Percy at Hogwarts. Post LO. GOF. Percy centric with multiple POVs. Discontinued.

Full Name: Amelia Bones, Percy Jackson, Moody (yes, Moody)

Sueworts House(s): Quanonreip before I even get into the story. Why? Because if you have that many people calling you out in the reviews regarding Amelia Bones being out of character something is off.

Species: demi-gods and canon characters

Physical Description: nothing specific

Possessions: nothing specific

Origin: My first thought when I read the summary was to ask why Newt was getting involved. Sure, I get the fact he is younger than Dumbledore, but his line or work doesn’t lean in this direction and if he’s in America why isn’t he sending them to the school there. But, as you can see from the summary, this one’s been DISCONTINUED. This made me look at the summary and the first review I saw was, “You clearly have a hard on for the wizards being in control for no reason. The gods wouldn’t put wizards above their children in such a manner. And frankly its unrealistic with how they are acting.

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5122: Finding My Heart in Wood? - Bella Swan

What fandom is Harry Potter most crossed over with on the pit? Twilight. There are over 4k.

Title: Finding My Heart in Wood?

Perpetrator: Maggie Davis

Sue-O-Meter: Awfuk

Cover/Banner Art: The writer's avatar is a picture of the Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Games covers mashed together.

Summary: Bella is 12 years old and believed she was a normal human girl... well, until she received a letter from Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Follow Bella as she explores the world of magic, dangers and of course many suitors.

Full Name: Isabella “Bella” Swan

Sueworts House(s): Quanonreip is a house I debated, but is her changing Wood's age just to ship enough. Is there more to it? That said, I do know that does qualify her for Tootsietramp as she's a relationship Sue and she's a woobie kidnapped victim so she also gets sorted into Bitchiwitch. I'm just not sure about the first one.

Species: An American Sue!

Physical Description: Nothing specific.

Possessions: Bella gets a letter (more than one actually) which she shouldn’t be getting as she is a Muggle and lives in America.

Origin: It’s a Twilight fanfic.

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5121: The Uncover of a New Family - Harry Potter and company

No, I’m not purposefully looking for MCU crossovers. I say this because someone noted I’ve had quite a few. However, this gives me an idea starting tomorrow.

Also, didn't mean to post this as late as I have. Woops.

Title: The Uncover of a New Family

Perpetrator: The Uncover of a New Family

Sue-O-Meter: Awful (though the rating could go higher)

Cover/Banner Art: The writer’s profile pic is of a flower with the silhouette of a bee overlayed.

Summary: Crossover. Harry killed Voldemort, married Ginny and had three kids… and then everything turned upside down. Harry fled with his four kids to New York, trying to find the peace that they couldn't have in England when SHIELD found them. And what is this about Voldemort being alive?

Full Name: Harry

Sueworts House(s): Quanonreip for a lot of things, Bitchiwitch for making Harry's woes everyones fault but his own, possibly future Totsietramp as the goal is to pair Harry with Stark

Species: Mean!Harry

Physical Description: Like canon.

Possessions: Custody of his kids because he's been victimized by Ginny's cheating rather than because he's the fit parent while proving he's actually the unfit parent by taking them to another country despriving them of the chance to know their maternal family.

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5120: Harry Potter's Godmother - Cassandra Pendragon

The story would make more sense if it didn’t pick up towards the end of The Order of Pheonix. Or maybe not, given this is a Mary Sue we're talking about.

Title: Harry Potter's Godmother

Perpetrator: StarDust188

Sue-O-Meter: Toxic

Cover/Banner Art: None

Summary: …What if Lilly also had a best friend, knowing Lilly she most likely had alot more sense, this is a story that picks up right after Sirius Black falls through the veil in OTP” My thoughts when I read the title and summary was, “that’s not how being a godparent works.” Harry’s godparent would be Sirius and nobody else as Sirius wasn’t attached to anybody else at the time Harry was born. Doing otherwise would present the expectation of two individuals having split custody of the child which would not be seen as being in the child’s best interests.

Full Name: Cassandra Pendragon

Sueworts House(s): When the veil becomes a Mary Sue power you know you’ve got Quanonreip. She also does everything with a flourish that’s reminiscent of a Sparklypoo. She also belongs in Bitchiwitch as she’s a downright bitch. (Seriously, anybody calling Petunia a bitch with such ease while talking about Lily’s wishes is no friend of Lily.”

Species: Godmother Sue!

Physical Description: “ of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. This woman was every bit as stunning as the most lovely Veela, but in a way that made her seem more real. Her brown hair was so dark as to look black paired with large grey eyes fringed with sooty lashes. She had pale skin and a tall willowy frame. The surface beauty paled though in comparison to the bright intelligence in her eyes, wry twisted smile on her lips and absolute confidence in her bearing that communicated that this was a women to be respected. She smiled a wicked little smile at Harry…”

Later, Harry, Hermione and Ron become Animagi because she’s so amazing!

Hermione was clearly going to end up an otter and Ron seemed to be some kind of dog probably a jack Russell terrier. Meanwhile Harry was slightly disappointed to find that he was not a stag like his father as he had hoped, instead he transformed into a black stallion with a jagged lightening shaped white patch on his face, or so it seemed although he couldn't be entirely certain as at this moment in time his hands a morphed into hooves and his hair had become a main while his body was resemble some type of profoundly distorted centaur creature.

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5119: Rose Potter: Catwoman (series) - Rose Potter

Today’s Stuthor—the writer’s name is Robert. He complains on his profile, “No offence to die-hard JK Rowling fans, but seriously, Harry forgives Dumbledore? Using words like feel remorse for someone like Voldemort? Also, I don’t think they were completely thought through.So says the writer of at least one story where female!Harry murders the Dursley’s before the age of eleven and another story where female!Harry becomes a prostitute before the age of eleven.

Title: We have Rose Potter: Catwoman – Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with the parts entitled Murderss on Privet Drive, The Beginning of the Burglar, Looking to the Future, Dawn of the Catwoman, Anyone Home? and The Start of a New Life.

Perpetrator: the stargate time traveller

Sue-O-Meter: Toxic

Cover/Banner Art: I can’t make out the writer’s avatar.

Summary: After Rose tries to save a doomed kitten from the Dursleys, she decides enough is enough.

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