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TITLE: Simply Rowena
PERPETRATOR: ad0rkable xo0
SUE-O-METER: (awful)

FULL NAME: Rowena Meredith Ravenclaw
HAIR: not mentioned
EYES: not mentioned
MARKINGS: none mentioned
POSSESSIONS: Muggle-friend named Ellen. She ditches her to explore Diagon Alley. A wand "Unicorn hair, mahogany, 8 inches long", "a beautiful gown of sapphire colored velvet". A vault full of money she never knew she had. The newspaper from the "local newspaper vendor".

ORIGIN: One day she pops into the Leaky Cauldron with some money her mother gives her, and is introduced to the Magical world. Her grandma was a squib and never told her about the magical world.
CONNECTIONS TO CANON: The Leaky Cauldron's Barman gives her money to buy a wand, which she does. Then she buys a dress, so she won't look like a Muggle. Then she meets "Godric Gryfrindor". His dad is the Minister of Magic. Yes, that's right, they had ministers in the year 1000. Then she meets Salazar and Helga at a café. Helga asks her about where she'll go to school. Then she finds her vault full of money and goes home to see her mom. When she tells her mom that she is a witch, her mom freaks out, Rowena destroys her mother's "prized Italian vase", and then her mom kicks her out. She goes running back to Diagon Alley, where Godric and his dad find a nice "flat" for her to stay in. Then they decide to build Hogwarts, in one chapter, just so they don't have to go to France for school. It takes 10 years to build it. She and Salazar start "courting", and then Godric becomes envious and tries to pursue her. She decides to have an affair with Godric, and they have late-night rendezvous. Of course, it is discovered and a giant fight occurs in the Great Hall. The same day Rowena finds out she is pregnant with Godric's child. Rowena runs away to have the baby, leaving Godric with Helga. Where does she go? Oh! I have to quote it: "Rowena went by train to America, where she had her name legally changed to Meredith Granger. She had the baby and named her Lillian Rose Granger. Lillian turned out to be a squib, married a muggle man, and so goes the family tree without magic, until a certain Hermione Granger comes along." She rode a fucking train from England to America in the year 1000, my minions.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: She knits out of boredom.

NOTES: I think I purposely avoid Founders Era stories because as a History major I don't want to see my field of study getting raped in the ass again and again.


Godric and I were in love, no doubt about it. My mother always warned me not to get too romantic with a man who I hadn’t known for very long. She always told me of her romance with my father, telling me that he was so romantic and wonderful, until I was born. Then he left us. He left my mother with an infant to take care of all by herself. However, at this point, I do not care what my wretched mother thinks. Godric is different from my father. I knew it.

One day, Helga entered my house, alone. She was crying.

“What is wrong, Helga?”

“Rowena” she sobbed. “It’s terrible.”

“What is so terrible, Helga?” Helga sobbed a bit more, then looked at me, her eyes red.

“Do you suppose... that Godric...is... “involved”... with someone else?” Helga asked. I froze. How did she know?

“Why do you think that, Helga?”

“I really haven’t a clue, but it’s the way he looks at me. He’s supposed to be in love with me, and there is no love in his eyes.” She started sobbing again.

“Helga, you are getting ahead of yourself. I’m sure Godric is just... preoccupied.” I lied. I felt terribly guilty lying to a friend, but I couldn’t very well come out and say “Yes, Helga. Godric has a lover. And it’s me.”

“You are right, Rowena. Thank you. You always help me.” Helga said, then she left. I waited a few minutes, then went to see Godric. I had to tell him of Helga’s suspicions.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I reached the defense against the dark arts room quite quickly. I had found all sorts of short cuts to it, and used them to not only get places faster, but to remain hidden. I knocked quietly on the door. Godric opened it.

“Rowena!” he said in surprise. “Come in” He closed the door behind me.

“Godric, Helga is suspicious. She came to me just a moment ago, crying and telling me that she thinks that you are having relations with another woman, and I lied to her telling her that there is no way that a thing like that would happen. I feel so guilty now.” I said. He held me close, and I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Rowena, I believe we will have to tell her soon.” he said.

“No, Godric! She is in love with you! She will be crushed!” I lifted my head off his shoulder as I said these words.

“Rowena, I do not love her. I already told you that. I believe she will be even more crushed if she finds out without our telling her. Same with Salazar, only I believe he will be more angry then sad.” I thought.

“You are right, Godric.” I said, then kissed him. I hadn’t heard the door open during all this, and when we kissed, I heard a small gasp behind us. I broke the kiss, and turned to see the door open and I heard footsteps going down the hall. I turned to Godric.

“Helga.” I said.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next morning, Godric and I walked into the Great Hall to find the students already seated. Salazar was at the teacher’s table, as was Helga, her eyes red and puffy. Salazar saw me and started toward us. His face seemed to be getting redder as he walked. He shouted at me from the middle of the great hall.

“You whore!” I was shocked. No one had ever used language as horrible as that to me. Half the students were staring at Salazar, Half at Godric and I. Helga was standing at the teacher’s table, crying again.

“Excuse me!” I squeaked.

“You heard me right! You filthy little whore! Don’t think that I don’t know of your relations with Godric!”

“Salazar, can’t we settle this somewhere private? The students do not need to see this” Godric said quietly.

“You shut up! I’ll get to you when I’m through with her!” he turned to me again. “And! I found out about another little secret of yours, you filthy mudblood!” I must have gone pale by then.

“Helga, how could you?” I said. Tears were running down my pale face. Helga looked up from her handkerchief.

“HOW COULD YOU? JUST LAST NIGHT I CAME TO YOU! BUT YOU SAID TO ME “No, Helga. You’re getting ahead of yourself!” YOU LIED TO ME, ROWENA!” She screamed. She went back to crying. I looked down, ashamed. That was all true. I looked up again. Salazar was coming at me, his hands in front of his, like he was going to strangle me.

“I’LL MAKE YOU PAY, ROWENA RAVENCLAW!” He yelled, and started running at me. I didn’t know what to do except stand there. Right before he got to me, Godric stepped in front of me, a sword in hand. On the sword, the words ‘Godric Gryfindor’ were written.

“If you touch her, I will make you wish you never had” Godric said, his voice deadly quiet. This was all too much for me. My head started spinning, all I could smell was a foul smell that I couldn’t identify, and I got sick all over the floor and onto Salazar’s shoes.

“Oh!” he shrieked. He shot daggers at both Godric and I. “You’ll be sorry. You’ll all be sorry! Accio trunks!” he yelled. His trunks flew to him, and he stormed out of the castle. Helga, in all her sadness, ran out of the room, crying, and I, still feeling sick, ran to the hospital wing. The last thing I heard Godric say before the door closed was “Nothing else to see! Back to your breakfast.”

You like? I hope so. This is what I first imagined when I came up with this idea. It was fun to write. REVIEW! Oh, and if anyone can guess what’s happening to Rowena, except for littleoneofdoom, because I told her ages ago, tell me in a review!
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