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Amazing, really, how Writer's Block applies only to shit I have a deadline for...

Oh, they may be very pretty
But don't judge by what you see
I'll eat myself if there are
More annoying Sues than these!

You can keep your raven locks
Your bodies sleek and tall
For you girls are the Mary-Sues
The worst OC's of all

There's nothing hidden in your heads
No personality
So don the Suewarts Sorting Hat
To find out where you'll be

You might belong in Sparklypoo
Where dwell the pure at heart
Their perfect looks and perkiness
Set Sparklypoos apart

You might belong in Bitchiwitch
With losers and with freaks
Those poor and angsty little things
Are goths and brains and geeks

Or yet in skanky Tootsitramp
You'll spend your nights and days
If you like to show off cleavage
And are wanton in your ways

Or perhaps in Qanonreip
You'll make your real friends
Those authors will Sue anyone
To make their stories' ends

So cower low and close your eyes
Be very, very scared
It's time to sort the Mary-Sues
So get your sporks prepared!

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ooo... love that!

Or perhaps in Qanonreip

You are the best...


Actually, 'Qanonreip' was fiendery's idea. ^_^

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May I dance and sing your praises?

*bows and offers burnt offerings to the genius*

(Deleted comment)

The founders of these houses are Serena Sparklypoo, Buffy Bitchiwitch, Trollopina Tootsitramp, and Qiera Qanonrape. Ideas for colours/animals/crests are welcome. ^^

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
*snort* Okay, no more drinking anything while reading LJ. Too funny! That should be memorialized somehow; too bad it's too big to fit on an icon.

*shudder* this reminds me strongly of that parry hotter community.....

I love you more than you'll ever know. *dies*

Simply brilliant! *hands you an award*

This should definitely go in the profile.

*keels over laughing* I love you forever for writing this. This is getting printed out and stuck next to my computer.

hee, brava!

although, i must admit, i had a special spot for surlysnarl, instead of bitchiwitch.

You rule, you rule, you rule!

Oh, my god, I need a desktop picture and four different icons and freaking t-shirts of this and EVERYTHING! It's WONDERFUL!

You think just like me! Absoloutely beyond brilliant etc. The four houses...perky, I mean, perfect!

*weilds spork*

*adds to memories*


I have nothing constructive to say.



*snert* Ahahaha, that's great. :D

Okay, I'm SO doing a 'Which Mary-Sue House Do You Belong In?' Quizilla Quiz. ;) Just you wait!! :D

*eagerly awaits quiz*

i'm a shameless online quiz whore.

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That's... the best thing EVER.


Can we just name you our idol and be done with it?


That rocks! Time well spent! *bows in worship*

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