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4065: Her Hate, His Redemption - Hermione, Draco, her mother, his father
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TITLE: Her Hate, His Redemption
COVER/BANNER ART: See the entry three days ago
SUMMARY:”Draco's new stepsister is Hermione Granger. Accusations of Gold digging and murder, and tension in the Malfoy home builds. When things get taken to far, how far must does Draco go to try to fix things when he comes to a sudden realization? Warnings Inside”
FULL NAME: Hermione, Hermione’s mother, Draco, Lucius
SPECIES: not the canon characters
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
POSSESSIONS: Hermione gets “the cutest mini cooper that she had ever seen” from Lucius. (This isn’t Hermione….)
CONNECTION TO CANON: Hermione’s father dies in a car accident which is supposedly Lucius’ fault. Draco’s not happy that his father lets them move in after his mother has died, despite the fact they’re there to pay respects. (The writing is a tad confusing to read.) In chapter two we find out their surviving parents are going to marry, and Draco keeps yelling at Hermione to get out of his house. He’s rude to Hermione, but it honestly went overboard. He of course blames Hermione. Chapter three is about all the gifts Hermione gets. Draco continues to act like a brat. He is a bully to Hermione, and burns his new mothers clothes. He also takes her for a crazy drive. We’re warned at the end of chapter three that there will be a rape scene in the next chapter. Except the only detail is him removing her clothes, her crying, then her waking up. The rape is for revenge, and he’s still being a brat, and suddenly we find out Hermione moved out in chapter five. She then finds out she’s pregnant in chapter six.
ORIGIN: “I would like to note that in this story there is no magic what so ever. I tend to like to write stories like this because I believe that it is something most people don't. It is so easy to write things with magic, harder to write things completely without, and I like a challenge. I hope everyone enjoys this story, I would also like to state that I do not own the plot. I have taken the plot line from Sawan Biang, and amazing Thai Lakorn which can be watched on youtube, under wishboniko I have changed a lot of the story to accomodate the Hermione/Draco storyline. i hope no one looks down on me because of this because although I have borrowed a plot, I had put lots of work, effort, and writing into making it work for a Harry Potter Fanfic. Thank you.” The other canon characters are randomly running around in the background.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Take away the magic, and the characters personality, and it’s really not Harry Potter anymore. I think the real reason for no magic was so that the writer could borrow heavily from another canon’s plot.

NOTES: The last story from the writer’s profile was published about a year after the third fic. The writer’s writing another Draco/Hermione fic, but also moved out of using dramatic prose just because she can. Well, they’re sort of paired together. The story is an honest train wreck where I would never want the two getting together. I don’t know what’s worse, that this may be heading to a pairing, or the fact you’ve got readers saying “I can’t wait until Draco really realizes his mistake!” Um, this story involves a vicious rape by someone acting like a complete brute the entire time. The writer’s not shown a positive side to his character at all in this.


Hermione heard the door close and whipped her curly head around to see the source of noise. Her eyes narrowed at the intruder. Her stepbrother and personal demon. He seemed to never be satisfied by all the pain that he had caused her and her mother since their families had joined.

"What do you want?" she said glaring at him. He stepped forward and she back up out of reflex.


*Six months Earlier*

The Granger family had been planning a nice vacation for months. They were going to go to their small beach house, relax, take a few days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life before Mr. and Mrs. Granger went back to work and Hermione went to College. They rolled all the windows down letting the hot air breeze over them while they drove rather than use the air conditioner because Hermione always got sick from it.

"So your mother was talking to me and I..we decided that maybe you should get an apartment that is closer to your university rather than one nearly an hour away."

"I'm fine with-"

"We already looked at some flats and I found a great on for you only twenty minutes from campus." Her father said glancing at her through the rearview mirror. She was stunned that they had done that for her. It was incredibly thoughtful.

"Thank-" Hermione's words were cut off by a loud horn and a sudden jolt that sent her into motion. She jerked around in her seat as the car rolled over. Her hands went up to her face trying to protect it out of instinct. The car stopped with one last jerk and Hermione groaned as she sat stuck upside down in her seat. She looked towards her parents before her eyes closed.

Lucius Malfoy was fighting with Narcissa when the crash occurred. He didn't notice that he had the red light as he hit the Grangers. They had been turning when it happened. He blind sided them and it sent their car tumbling out of control. Looking over at his wife he started to shake her slightly. "Narcissa? Narcissa!"

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4 days in a row of the same author? How come?

Their writing jumped out at me, and I found their progression as a writer interesting. I also liked the fact they didn't give up on their stories.

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