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4049: Love, Secrets, and potions - Eleanor Potter
TITLE: Love, Secrets, and potions
COVER/BANNER ART: The writer’s avatar is of Lily and Snape, with “Love, secrets and potions”.
SUMMARY:”Harry, and his sister Eleanor are going to Hogwarts along Ron, and Hermione, where they're going to figure out secrets from their parents, teachers, and school. They thought that it would be a normal year, but they're wrong. SS/LE, HG/DM, HP/LL”
FULL NAME: Eleanor Potter
POSSESSIONS: The Potters are living where the Dursley family did.
CONNECTION TO CANON: The entire story is super sugar sweet in tone, where nothing can go wrong. Eleanor gets her letter in chapter one. Then chapter two has Lily talking to Molly about a new Weasley baby. Then there is weird angst from Lily. She wants to be in Gryffindor to, and gets into an argument with the hat. Stories pretty much plot, what plot and fluff.
ORIGIN: Not only are Lily and James alive, she’s cheating on James with Severus. Why on the first part, I don’t know other than because the writer can.

NOTES: I suspect a very young writer on this one.

It was 7 am when Eleanor woke up. Today was the day to get her letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was so excited. Her older brother, Harry, got his letter last year. He was in Gryffindor, and she wanted to be with him. She got up and went to her parents.

"Mommy! Today is the day!" Eleanor screamed to her mom, Lily. She raised her red head from the book that she was reading, and looked at her daughter with her beautiful, bright green eyes.

"I know babe! Are you excited?" Lily asked her smiling. Eleanor nodded and got into her parents' bed.

"Of course, I am! I cannot wait for it!" Eleanor said almost screaming. "Where is daddy?" She asked, looking around.

"He's with Harry outside. Do you want to help me to do breakfast?" Lily asked to take out her daughter, who nodded excited. They got up and went downstairs.

"What if I get into another house?" Eleanor asked nervous, while all of them were having breakfast.

"That doesn't matter, Sweetie" Her father, James Potter said "The important thing is that you're going to Hogwarts!". Eleanor smiled and drank her milk.


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