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4047: Moments Of Bliss - Pandora Granger, Sophia Rose, Draco and Raven Malfoy
TITLE: Moments Of Bliss
SUMMARY:” Pandora is the pureblood sister of Hermione Granger, Pandora is also involved with another Pureblood…”
FULL NAME: Pandora Granger, Sophia Rose Malfoy
SPECIES: Hermione’s older sister, and future wife of Lucius Malfoy, but the other Sue is Pandora’s daughter
POSSESSIONS: “Pandora and Lucius Malfoy were now married and very happy together, Lucius gave Pandora a present, she opened it to find a silver necklace with their names inside a heart…” They have a daughter named Sophie Rose
CONNECTION TO CANON: The first chapter is how she got adopted, Hermione’s the angel child, she meets Lucius and plans on marrying him after Hogwarts. She doesn’t want to see her family, and by the end of the first chapter is marrying him. (What the hell happened to Narcissa?) Chapter two she get a special necklace. IT is also about how perfect their life is, and how happy they are. Chapter three is about trying for a baby. Lucius tells her she’s supper pretty with their unborn baby. More about the growing baby in chapter four. Then their baby is born. Their life is super special, to the point Pandora gets to snub Hermione while carrying her Marry Sue baby in Diagon Alley because it’s all Hermione’s fault. (No, it isn’t.) Draco’s finally mentioned as their baby boy. A third baby Raven is born in the third and final chapter.
ORIGIN: Hermione’s now a Pureblood. Why, and why the sugar coated nothing wrong happens plot? Hermione’s only mentioned when Granger comes up on Pandora’s adoption papers and is forgotten later on. That is until chapter eight.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Her parents got upset they had a Pureblood, adopted her out, but decided to keep Hermione when they had her. However, in chapter four she suddenly becomes a half-sister.

NOTES: I’d suspect the writer to be very young, and yet the account for this one is four years.


Pandora was a pureblood, her family had put her up for adoption once they knew that she was a pureblood, never knowing what might happen to her or how her life would be growing up, they had another child later called Hermione, she was the perfect daughter and had told her about her older sibling who had been put up for adoption years earlier and life for Hermione growing up was quite normal compared to the life for Pandora, she was adopted by a pureblood family who loved Pandora and made sure that she was safe and protected.

Even as Pandora had a normal childhood and her teenage years were to be different when she would encounter another pureblood, not knowing that their families had secretly been plotting them to be together for marriage a year or so after Hogwarts was over, Pandora had no idea of this until she was told, she did however ask who the suitor was and when they told Pandora who it was, she realised that they had been flirting for quite some time, Pandora was quite happy by this, she had not told anyone who it was, not even her parents'.

Hermione wondered at times who her older sister was, all she knew was that her older sister was adopted out but didn't know about the pureblood status.

Pandora had gotten to know her suitor quite well over recent months, both familes were pleased by this and were excited for the wedding as was Pandora, she knew that soon she would be married and settle down into a happy life, she also realised that her suiotr was quite charming and had the most beautiful blue eyes, something that Pandora liked as she too had green/blue eyes and she also began to spend more time with him and they had shared kisses together, both were happy together and knew that their future together was gonna be special.

A year after Pandora finished Hogwarts, she was a lot happier, she knew that the wedding was gonna take place in just nine weeks time, she was nervous but excited all at the same time, she had a beautiful engagement ring which had a diamond and clear blue stones around it, Pandora smiled everytime she looked at her ring, she also knew that she would be moving into a new home with her soon to be husband, they would be living in a manor, it was to be their private home and once they married, they would be on their own, Pandora was extremely happy about that and knew that it was a good idea for them both to settle into life in their own way.

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Pandora was a pureblood, her family had put her up for adoption once they knew that she was a pureblood

I...don't think this author knows what "pureblood" means.

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