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4044: Never Expected Love - Hermione "Saphire" Granger and family
- Flashback Sue
- Don't forget about the Sorting Hat.
Here is day seven of Hermione’s sisters week, though I did find some more stories to be featured.
TITLE: Never Expected Love
PERPETRATOR: honeybunny16
SUMMARY:”Seth felt jealous as he saw how close his imprint (cough*Hermione*cough) with Blaise that without thinking she pushed Seth against the couch and kissed him which took a couple of seconds to kiss her back that Leah walks in on them "Oh jeez," she scowls that left them the couple to stop flustered after Blaise told her some news about her sister "THEY DID WHAT!"” But apparently this is the summary inside. ”Hermione never expected she'd go into hiding against Voldemort in Forks, Washington (her home town) Now she meets with her old and new friends, preparing for a magical war, and has to deal with love drama "Fantastic," what happens when Luna comes to visit Hermione that left Jacob to finally move on from Bella (cough*Jake imprints on Luna*cough) ... which left Paul to blurt out "FINALLY!" that left Leah to hit him on the head roughly I might add while others snicker at this... after a few days things were starting to go back to normal that was until Blaise came to visit which Seth thought he was her boyfriend (*cough* jealous much*cough*) without thinking Hermione pushed Seth against the couch kissing him roughly for about 30 seconds then let's go breathing heavily to calm him down while he just had a goofy look on his face. Leah raises her eyebrow at her best friend/older sister "Well shit if I knew you were going to do that can you at least wait till I wasn't in the room since I have no intention on seeing you making out with my little brother," she smirks who rolled her eyes playfully "It's bad enough I had to-" who stopped mid-sentence as she finds herself in a dilemma (Yes People Leah imprints on Blaise) it took 2 minutes to realize what just happen leaving Jared and Paul to snicker "Oh shit," then Leah glares at Paul and Jared who quickly shut up then looks down hiding her face from blushing.”
FULL NAME: Hermione and her sisters Aqua and Aries, oh, and brother Klaus. She’s nicknamed Mia, or Saphire
SPECIES: Not the canon character, plus goddaughter of Charlie
POSSESSIONS: Swords, and a shirt that says Venice Beach. She’s got a charm bracelet at
CONNECTION TO CANON: The story starts off with how amazing things are. Everybody tells Hermione how amazing she is as well, including her strength with her swords. We get a preview of them (whoever Hermione is supposed to be with, as it doesn’t really make sense) being talked about regarding their make out session. People are excited to see her, and yet this is confusing as to who they are. {Possibly Sam?) Someone is supposed to be called Hell Cat. Yes, her friend Sam from the second chapter appears to be the one greeting her. I’m struggling to get through this, as this is badly written.
ORIGIN: I’m struggling to make sense of the summary.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Apparently Hermione is able to fight with swords and has a signature move.



Hermione was sitting on a plane on her way to Washington, in only a gray t-shirt that says 'Venice Beach', black jeans, converse sneakers and an ocean blue jacket. She was thinking about how things took a drastic turn in her life. Voldemort has pretty much taken over the Ministry and Hogwarts which was a second home to her isn't a safe place any longer, for her and her friends. The order and many of their members are staying at Grimmald Place and if not are in contact with the members there. The few who knew about them, were trying to figure out how to get the horcruxes to destroy Voldemort as well as deal with his ever growing army.

Many things have changed in the past year and not all of them were bad. Draco Malfoy along with his parents, Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson and Theodore Nott are now members of the order and working with them to not only stop Voldemort but, to help out pure-bloods who don't wish to follow him, escape. After Draco was ordered to try to kill Dumbledore and take the dark magic, Narcissa finally put her foot down and begged her husband to ask Dumbledore for help which shocked both his wife and son that he immediately agreed was an understatement. Not only that neither of them believed the cause but, neither of them wanted their son to be forced to murder and follow the 'dark lord's footsteps so they went to Dumbledore, explained everything despite how Lucius didn't want to beg for help so his wife pretty much did the talking and asked if they can aid the order in exchange for protection for their son. Needless to say he immediately agreed.

Draco, though thrilled with the news but, refused to not leave his friends suffer the same fate as he was or be forced as his replacement and confided in his parents about this fact as they moved into Sirius house. She told her cousin after pleading and begging to hear her out at first Sirius was skeptically due to the fact her husband was right behind him and listened to what they had to say. To say that he was in total stunned and shock was an understatement so he let them inside where they all began working to get neutral pure-bloods who don't want to follow Voldemort but, don't wish to fight in the war, out of the country. The Greengrass', Zabini's, Parkinson's, Nott's and many other purebloods and half-bloods from different houses that weren't in the army were sent to various places around the world. It was a working process and was very difficult when you're dealing with Slytherin purebloods but, neutral families were able to go into hiding and hopefully are able to stay out of Voldemort's reach. However, Draco and his friends decided to stay and fight with the army.

The golden trio as well as their close friends not only learned defensive and offensive spells thanks to Hermione's older sisters Aqua and Aries who not only gained a few guys attention especially the Weasley's twins Fred and George who eventually got to know each other much to Ron's annoyance that Hermione told off at Ron in various different languages that left the Slytherins jaw to drop in shock and respected her in silence and not only that they learned hand to hand combat as well as weaponry for some. Draco, Blaise, Theo and Pansy kept staring at Hermione for a few days mostly Draco though because she was fighting swords against her sister Aqua who taught her a few things that her sister 'Mia' or 'Sapphire' did her signature move that left her to win thanks to her older brother Klaus who not only taught her karate moves much to everyone's shock when they saw her took out bricks in her signature move by using her triple double twist with a karate chop against the bricks with one chop with a yell of "HAI YA!" that left the bricks into pieces.


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