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Since Pottersues is getting a lot of new minions I decided it was time to draw up the basic rules for this journal that have pretty much gone unsaid among the minions. I'll also note here that there have been four Pottersues so far since the journal was started.

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???? - Harry's Pokemon Journey - Harry and his Pokemon
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- Don't forget about Tropes Sue Week either. I'm looking for help finding entries for said week.
- No link of the day or Flashback Sue today. I'm just glad to have Pottersues up and running again. I meant to mention earlier that there may be a few days I don't post as it is the holiday season. That was before the issues with LJ cropped up. Hopefully the later is over though.

TITLE: Harry's Pokemon Adventure
PERPETRATOR: Lightning Fox Elemental
SUMMARY:”Harry gets transported to the pokemon world at age 9 by jirachi. what will happen?”
FULL NAME: Harry, Niore and Luna
SPECIES: abused!Harry... again
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
MARKINGS: Niore is black, Luna is Albion
POSSESSIONS: “The egg was red with black flames on the bottom.” He also has the black Persion named Niore. He also has a Pichu named Luna.
CONNECTION TO CANON: Harry arrives in Pokemon land and meets
a black Persion with a purple jewel. (Um... no.) It is injured and takes Harry back to it's house along with the Pokemon egg that Jirachi gave Harry. It is big enough that a nine year old Harry is able to ride it. He then gets to meet Professor Oak and plays with the Pokemon and makes friends with them. In the third chapter he leaves the lab. His starter is the awesome!Persion named Niore. They catch a “pichu”. They get to ...GASP... have a two on two battle. After the battle the egg finally hatches and Harry gets three Pokemon. He gets a Vulpix and two Eevee. He oversees the argument between Ash and Misty with Brock. You think that's bad? It gets worse... Harry catches Mew.
ORIGIN: Harry is super abused in this story. Jirachi rescues him when he is nine. Luna is there to comfort Harry during his battles because he thinks that people tapping his shoulders are going to punch him. (Poor Brock... I doubt Proffessor Oak would have let him out on a journey if Harry was acting like this.)
SPECIAL ABILITIES: He can speak to Pokemon. Niore happens to know Icy Wind. (How convenient against the first gym.) Actually... Niore conveniently knows Scratch, Bite, Icy Wind, Iron Tail and Hyperbeam. Luna without being trained knows Mega Punch, Double Slap and even Volt Tackle. The Vulpix knows “ember, quick attack, dig and dark pulse”, while “the male (Black) knows the moves quick attack, tackle and dark pulse. The female (Silver) knows the moves quick attack, tackle and heal bell.”

NOTES: I suspect a young writer... so... you know the rules in regards to young writers.

Anyways... everything is handed to Harry. Ash may have had quite a bit of dumb luck, but in comparison he actually worked in comparison.

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3363: HPatPP ~ Natsumi, Tanjiro, Takara, Kioko and Taizo
Is live journal glitching for anybody else? Every time I try looking at the individual entries I'm finding myself bumped back to the front page of my journal. It seems to be for the first two entries. I can't reply to comments on those entries either...

Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- Don't forget about Tropes Sue Week either. I'm looking for help finding entries for said week.
- The link of the day... now that is more like it!
- Flashback Sue

Also... special shout out to the Suethor featured yesterday and today for attempting a rewrite of their story and the work they put in.

TITLE: Harry Potter and the Pokemon Professors
PERPETRATOR: BlairFalconen
COVER/BANNER ART: It is the same cover that was used on the previous entry. I agree with the comment on yesterday's that Sandshrew would have been a better choice then Pikachu.
FULL NAME: Natsumi, Tanjiro, Takara, Kioko and Taizo
SPECIES: They are Pokemon Trainers sent to be teachers at Hogwarts.
HAIR: Natsumi has “shaggy brown hair and long braid”. “Takara stated, twirling a waist length piece of light blue hair around her finger”. Kioko has “long blonde hair cascading down her back.”
EYES: Kioko has “green eyes sparkling”.
POSSESSIONS: “It was true, none of us wanted to make a bad first impression. So instead of wearing my typical purple mini skirt and mid-drift showing tank, I changed to a longer tank top and jeans, keeping my cropped leather jacket, purple fingerless gloves, and tall combat boots.” (I wouldn't call that making a good impression.) “I looked over the sleeping girls, both dressed in jeans and tank tops.”
CONNECTION TO CANON: Natsumi arrives with her four friends. When she gets off the train a child I assume is Draco calls her mudblood because she makes a comment that school hasn't started. (We've discussed this before on Pottersues. The term Mudbood isn't term that is thrown around like this.) It is during the fifth year. She proceeds to show of her Pokemon to the entire school. Snape-san welcomes them easily. (Um... they're speaking in English... they would not be using sufixes.) The first chapter ends with the ideas they have for Pokemon for each character, the gym each Professor will be running and asking about pairings for Natsumi. The other characters dissapear into the background only to appear long enough for us to find that each one is from a different region. Hermione is embarressed in class again. There is an entire chapter dedicated to Natsumi's past story and the baby Azelf Mespirit and Uxie are still there.
ORIGIN: Natsumi's ancestors are “medicine men and women” despite the fact she is Japanese. They're now Pokemon Professors. (You know... not only are there teachers as someone else pointed out on yesterday's entry, there are also the Professors.)
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Apparently they've taught about Pokemon before, which is a plus.

NOTES: The plot is obviously the same, but the writer didn't just do a word replace like we've seen others do. Cutting down on the number of professors is a big change. This has the same rating as the previous entry as the one for this entry isn't quite enough to get the Toxic rating. The previous entry is still an improvement.

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3362: See Entry...
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- Don't forget about Tropes Sue Week either. I'm looking for help finding entries for said week.
- The link of the day... well... it popped into my head because of yesterday's entry.
- No Flashback Sue today.

TITLE: Harry Potter and the Pokemon Professors – Revised
PERPETRATOR: BlairFalconen
COVER/BANNER ART: I love the cover art. It is the Hogwarts crest with the animals replaced with pokemon. There is Arcanine, Ekans, Pikachu and Pidgey. Those aren't the Pokemon I would personally pick.
SUMMARY:”Serena Bellamy, the current champion of the Kalos League, is asked to teach a new course at Hogwarts. After making a deal with Dumbledore, Serena drags her childhood friend and rival Calem Mercier to Hogwarts with her. But between lessons, Umbridge, and boys, how is Serena going to handle the year at Hogwarts? Arceus help her, cause it's gonna be a rough year. Remake”
FULL NAME: Serena Bellamy, Calem Mercier
SPECIES: Pokemon-trainers!Hogwarts-professors... oh, and canon characters
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
POSSESSIONS: “Even if we had been in the wizarding world for a little while, Calem and I were still surprised by the lack of technology. For some reason, technology and magic didn't mix, but, with Dumbledore's help, Calem and I now have technology that will work while we're teaching at Hogwarts.” She also has a collection of Pokemon posters for the various leagues. She has a Greninja called Grenin.
CONNECTION TO CANON: For some reason everybody is learning about Pokemon. Her class is called “Care and Handling of Pokemon”. She asks what a Pokemon is and manages to make Hermione look bad. Serena's words were this. “From what I've heard from Dumbledore and many other teachers, you're extremely intelligent.” (How is a student supposed to know what something is when they've never been exposed to the information? Serena doesn't seem like a really good teacher.) She pretty much uses the lesson and then they're getting Pokemon from hatched eggs. She also shows of Uxie, Azel and Mespirit. They're the Pokemon that hatched from the eggs. The story proceeds to be all over the place.
ORIGIN: This is actually a real rewrite and a real attempt to improve on the original idea. That in itself was a pleasant surprise.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Says Serena, “Last I checked I had no magical powers.” She and Calem are only seventeen and the students notice. She's also from another world.

NOTES: I wondered how much of a rewrite the writer did and found a pleasant surprise. To show that the writer has made improvements for once I'll be featuring the original version tomorrow. That's how impressed I am with this one.

This said... it is lacking in the plot department. I don't like how the reviewers are constantly leaving reviews about who should get what Pokemon. It might help the writer to make the decisions on their own.

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3361: On The Wings Of Death
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- Don't forget about Tropes Sue Week either. I'm looking for help finding entries for said week.
- For the link of the day we have “If imitation is the highest form of flattery, what is plagiarism?”
- Flashback Sue features fangirls falling into fandom.

TITLE: On The Wings Of Death
PERPETRATOR: dreamingthroughstarlight
COVER/BANNER ART:It is a line picture of Ponyta.
SUMMARY:”In the early hours of a chilly November morning, Harry Potter nearly freezes from cold. That same morning, Yveltal just happens to be wandering in an alternate universe. On impulse, he chooses to save Harry, bringing him back to the Pokémon world. Well then...”
FULL NAME: Harry Potter/Void, Yveltal
SPECIES: “Wizard!PokémonTrainer!UnderstandsPokémonSpeech!Harry, HumanForm!Legendaries, Scheming!Dumbledore, Random!Unimportant!OCs (appearing occasionally because I don't think the Pokémon world just revolves around you and you need communication with someone)”
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: A Pokemon kidnaps Harry and takes him to an alternate universe. Of course... I doubt the writer would consider the act kidnapping. He gets in trouble with Arceus... sort of. A meeting of the legendary Pokemon ends up being called. Celebi isn't happy that Yvetalgets named Harry's guardian. He's made to live as a human. The writer has the characters speak French because it occurs in the Kalos region. As for the rest of the story... *yawn*
ORIGIN: Pokemon legendary have human forms and are even more like gods then they are in the original story line. Which... can be an interesting concept when done right. In this particular case we have a Pokemon who thinks it knows better because the writer says it does, but it really doesn't.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: The legendary personalities honestly don't suit them.

NOTES: The writer says that “the plot bunny is bothering me”, but in reality this story is a ton of plot bunnies shoved into one story. That's not a good thing... I can't think of a time when it ended up not being a bad thing. On top of this I think the writer added a ton of words and dialog that aren't needed just to up their word count average. The average is over seven thousand words per chapter. I'm a little bothered that there are more comments about suggestions for the Pokemon Harry will have then actual comments on the plot line. The only comment I've been able to find is the comment about.. well... the fact Yveltal being Harry's parent is unique.

Random question... do you think writers should be praised for coming up with unique ideas no matter the effort they put into said idea for the story?

Let's bend the rules of the universe just because we can and not because we want to explore one particular bending of the rules.Collapse )

3360: Discovering A New Family - Hope Potter/Nozomi Yagami
Wow... the Pokemon crossovers actually look promising... so I may spend more then a week on Pokemon Crossover Week.

Don't forget about the fanfic contest.

I have another link of the day that may not be around long. Why do people insist on posting non-story content when the site guidelines clearly state people are not supposed to post them to the site? Anyone else notice how most of these challenges end up creating Mary Sues and Gary Stus as well? This one is no exception. I've no clue what this whole Hero and Villian class is supposed to be about.

Flashback Sue is another Pokemon Sue.

TITLE: Discovering A New Family
PERPETRATOR: secret shugo chara
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a clip of their avatar. I think that it is supposed to be the cherry blossoms in Japan... but the pink is the wrong color.
SUMMARY:”Hope Potter has been alone for most of her life. Now, three Pokémon will take her to a world where she can have friends and a true family of her own. How will the Pokémon world fare with the Girl-Who-Lived in it? Fem!Harry! Based off of Interferes series of WizardsGirl and with their permission!”
FULL NAME: Hope Potter/Nozomi Yagami “As someone has pointed out in a review Yagami does originate from Digimon. However I was having trouble coming up with a good last name for Nozomi so I used a name I knew would be a Japanese last name.” I'm not sure why the writer is coming up with Japanese names for their OCS when they're using the English names for the Pokemon series. I mean... Professor Oak calls his grandson Gary. Scratch that... I think it's the writer's way of trying to hide what they're doing.
SPECIES: She is supposed to be a female Harry, but ends up being an OC instead who pretty much has nothing to do with Harry Potter.
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
POSSESSIONS: One of her friends has a purple Caterpie apparently. (Hey... I'm not going to read the story when someone thinks this kind of story is “based off of” when I can read the original. In fact... I'm going to encourage the minions to go and read the original for enjoyment purposes... because I certainly did enjoy what I read of it despite the flaws... instead of the story for today's entry.)
CONNECTION TO CANON: Nothing... she's really a Pokémon OC...
ORIGIN: The writer was “influenced” by another writers work. *cough* … except this version shows off the writers ability to use Japanese... despite the fact it shouldn't.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: She is able to speak Japanese and is favored by the Legendary Pokemon. She also stammers at time when people talk to her. (This is a change from the original fic...)

NOTES: One of the minions brought up the idea that when a writer uses an OC edin a crossover the story is pretty much screaming “look at my character”. A genderbent male character in a crossover honestly does the exact same thing. This may be an exception. See... the writer may claim that their story is based off WizardsGirl's work, but all the writer did was do what we've seen a few other writers do to the Harry Potter books.

They took the original and made minor changes here and there. The writer of the original series makes the mistake we've seen a lot of other young writers make. (From my calculations they were only fifteen at the time.) They have a ten year old act like a three to five year old. They also make the abuse the Dursley's put Harry through as super traumatizing as well despite the fact we've discussed before there are many different kinds of abuse as well as varying degrees on how bad the abuse is. If features I'd likely give it the bad rating because it doesn't really have anything that warrants the higher ratings, but nothing that warrants the lower ratings.

It could very easily be given a rewrite to get the other ratings, which can be a good thing... or a bad thing as exampled by this rewrite. I'm also a little irritated that this writer is being praised for a story they didn't write. Even one of the readers who is familiar with the original says, “the story seems well written so far even if it is an almost exact copy of WizardGirl's.” The writer seems quite flattered by this re-write though.

So... honest question here? How do you feel about writers being influenced by the stories you write?

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A bit of help...
I want to do a series where I feature a Mary Sue for each Mary Sue trope there is. However... this is going to require a bit of time to put together as well as some help from the minions if it is to be successful. The tropes are the following...

* Anti-Sue
* Black Hole Sue
* Canon Sue
* Copy Cat Sue
* Dream Sue ~ (Since this trope actually involves a character dreaming themselves being perfect I am looking for a Mary Sue fic with dream sequences instead.)
* Einstein Sue ~ 1
* Fixer Sue
* Gary Stu/Marty Stu ~ 1
* God-Mode Sue ~ 1
* Jerk Sue ~ 1
* Lemon Stu
* Mary Sue Classic
* Mary Tzu ~ 1
* Neutrality Sue
* Parody Sue
* Purity Sue
* Possession Sue
* Relationship Sue
* Sympathetic Sue
* Villain Sue

Total ~ 1/1

If you come across one of these that hasn't been featured in the next month or so then leave a comment. Comments will be screened so that people don't know what is being sent in. Be sure to list all of the "tropes" that apply to said story. In the mean time I'm doing a Pokémon week because someone asked for such a week as the new Pokémon games came out. (I may have done this before though...) The plan is then to do a Hermione week featuring only crossovers and then doing the same with Ginny, Luna, Harry.

3359: A Dancer's Heart - Laney Grace Maddox
Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
I looked up ballet, Mary Sue and fanfic and got today's link of the day. Flashback Sue was picked because of today's entry... sort of. Today's entry was sent in by afleur_de_lis.

TITLE: A Dancer's Heart
PERPETRATOR: AwkwardWriter1997
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a picture of the lower part of a ballerina in sepia colors with the title splashed over.
SUMMARY:”Laney Grace knew nothing except loneliness and abuse. Her only escape was dancing. That is until her father pushes her too far, and she is forced to run off. Luckily for her, she stumbles upon a school where a certain fair haired boy resides. Will she finally be accepted or will things at Hogwarts make life harder on her? Draco/OC”
FULL NAME: Laney Grace Maddox
SPECIES: She is the adopted daughter of Kimberly and Kit.
HAIR: “Her long black hair had twigs and dried blood stuck in it's loose curls.”
EYES: In the first chapter they are described as “sea blue”. “The girls eyes were an electric blue, but from what Draco could assume, were hooded from the blood loss. No matter though, Draco emerged from the crowd and rasied his wand.”
MARKINGS: She has pale cheeks. “Even with the shirt and tank top, she still felt as though her classmates could see the bruises and scars her father have left her with.” “She couldn't be more than 158 centimeters (5'2).”
POSSESSIONS: She has ballet shoes and a ballet uniform. “Yew wood with pheonix feather. There are only three people who have enough power to possess such a wand.”
CONNECTION TO CANON: The story takes place fifteen years after she is dropped off on the footstep of Muggles is when the story starts. She has the perfect life... except for the fact her adoptive father is an abusive bastard to an unrealistic level. She apparates to Hogwarts after one of these major beatings.We then jump to Hogwarts where Draco conveniently hears a conversation Dumbledore is having with the staff about an intruder. Draco eventually gets involved in tutoring her instead of Hermione... because “Miss Granger took far too advanced classes. We wouldn't want to overwhelm Miss Laney Grace.” (Baloney... that's not how tutoring works.) Lanelypretty much acts as if nothing happened to her. And her personality... not sure what to describe it as. She is taken to get a wand before being sorted. She ends up in Gryffindor. She is constantly flirting with Draco and having over loads on feelings. She also makes friends with everybody very easily. Lots of talk, talk, talk... I decided to stop when Draco reacts negatively towards her because he's afraid of her touching him because of the dark mark on his arm and instead pushes her into the lake. That's the sixth chapter.
ORIGIN: Voldemort is after Laney Grace as a baby despite the fact she had nothing to do with the prophesy. A woman named Grace Madox storms into Hogwarts and hands her unnamed baby over to Dumbledore who proceeds to name her Laney Grace. She requests that Laney not be raised in the Wizarding world. She follows to see him drop the girl off on a doorstep. She leaves and is found by Voldemort and killed. Oh... and Voldemort talks about how, “I could have given you anything. Love. Money. Power...” and how “we could have been happy together.”
SPECIAL ABILITIES: She is important to Voldemort for some reason. Kimberly takes beatings for Laney because “it wasn't like Laney could show up at a school where she dances unable to dance. It would make paying for her to go completely useless.” She dreams about Hogwarts. She never got her letter, but is now able to attend school and preform magic. For some reason she is taking classes with six years despite the fact she should be from what I can tell a fifth year. That... or the writer forgot that Slughorn was sixth year. “Laney walked with the grace of a ballerina.”

NOTES: I'm not sure how Laney is able to hide the abuse when she is taking ballet class. I'm under the impression that this is a high end ballet class which means a very specific outfit that all of the girls are expected to wear that would show off skin. On top of this the abuse is ridiculously extreme. One of the reviewers says “Another thing I like about this the way Malfoy's not OOC. He's not this sweet, caring, just pretending to be mean person, he's a Slytherin Malfoy. And that's how you've written him.” Acting mean... like... once... doesn't make him in character, particularly when there was justification for the negative reaction he had and after four chapters of him acting out of character.

Oh... and dance has nothing to do with the story except to make the character “special”.

Laney lives the life of a rich girl, but her father acts like a stereotypical wife beater.Collapse )

3358: a fox in hogwarts - Naruto
Just the entry today.

TITLE: a fox in hogwarts
SUMMARY:”you'll find out.”
SPECIES: bad-ass!ninja-wizard... best way to put it.
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: One day Kakashi steps in and tries to rescue him. (And his mother...) He then goes to Hogwarts with Sasuke. In the third chapter Naruto breaks out in rap. He's in Slytherin and Sasuke in Gryffindor.
ORIGIN: Naruto's father is alive and orcastrates a ton of abuse against him. Later on it turns out that Uzumaki is alive as well. The story is pretty much an excuse for throwing the Naruto characters into Harry Potter as well as an excuse to make Naruto super violent to the point iti s brushed off.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: His father is out of character big time. “Naruto roared like a wild animal scaring the shit out of the ANBU that were left. They ran out of the doors to find 15 foxes of different colors for them.” and... “Naruto was so pissed off that he accidentally released the first stage of kyuubi mode. Naruto dashed towards the attacker and grabbed his face. The chakra in Narutos own system burned the guys face off killing him

NOTES: This story is a disaster. Writer could be trolling.

Take the treatment Gaara received as a child and a lot of the cliches you find in stories where one or more of Harry's parents live and you have this fic.Collapse )

3357: The Blond Haired Wizard - Naruto... and slightly Hermione
Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
For the link of the day.. nothing much. Flashback Sue … troll.

TITLE: The Blond Haired Wizard
PERPETRATOR: somilmish
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a picture of a blue eye.
SUMMARY:”The last of a reputed line of spell-casters, will Uzumaki Naruto find acceptance,friendship and maybe love in this wretched world? Or will the darkness claim him? AU Wizard!Naruto, Naruto x Hermione, No harem.”
FULL NAME: Naruto and Hermione
SPECIES: They're supposed to be canon characters.
HAIR: Can't you tell from the title?
EYES: n/a … I don't list hair and eye colors for canon characters if they are the same as canon... or I believe them to be the same.
MARKINGS: Naruto has the whisker birthmarks.
POSSESSIONS: "'9 inches long, Holly wood and Thestral tail hair core. This wand is the closest that I have seen to the elder wand. It has been sitting here, for so long, made by my grandfather. I am happy that it has finally found a master. Now,' he said, ducking down to look Naruto straight in the eye 'I will be expecting great things from the scion of the house of the Uzumaki. I hope this wand helps you in reaching those heights.'” (Sorry... but being the closest to the elder wand still makes it a Gary Stu wand.)
CONNECTION TO CANON: Naruto and his parents are for some reason in England instead of Japan. His parents ended up dying. He is picked on in the orphanage until Dumbledore showed up telling him about the wizarding world. He goes to Diagon Alley where he runs into Hagrid and the man calls him “li'll”. He meets Hermione and “Naruto knew that this would be the start of a beautiful enmity.” Turns out Hagrid is escorting both around the grounds. “Hagrid smiled, which looked... embarrassingly cute on him, Naruto realised with a blush.” (That is a rather un-Naruto-ish reaction.) For some reason Hermione is already able to tell him about the Hogwarts houses. At the train he manages to run into Harry Potter. It then has a flashback to a letter he received from Dumbledore about his heritage. To try and make him into a tag along... “... for a second he thought about getting into his new friend's coach. […] But he didn't want to intrude. What ife he wanted some privace? […] He decided that it would be better if he let their friendship progress slowly.” This again doesn't sound like Naruto. I don't think it is normal for eleven to twelve year old to think this kind or not.
ORIGIN: “Basically I wanted to show that Voldemort and Naruto, right now have many similarities. Their are also similarities with Harry but not many.” Naruto ends up in an orphanage and bullied. Dumbledore comes and gives Naruto a similar speech as to the one he gave Naruto.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Naruto has the ability to survive near death situations while others don't. It should also be said he seems to attrack some of the most bizarre near death situations. While running, he had half a mind to use the jumping power he had discovered one day, while running from the kids. He had been running, wishing he would somehow het to his room, and as soon as the thought occurred, he felt a pulling sensation and then, suddenly the surroundings changed to that of his room. "The House of the Uzumaki is one of the most noble and ancient line of wizards and witches, having produced many powerful ones. The last reported Uzumaki was Kushina Uzumaki, and she has not been seen in almost 14 years." It gets worse. “ Minato was the last of the Namikaze clan, belonging to the Japanese Magic Society, and your mother, Kushina, belonged to The House of Uzumaki, an early off shoot of the now disgraced House of Black. The clan were renowned worldwide to produce the best spell casters. Your parents, too, were one of the most powerful wizards ever known. Kushina was an Auror in the ministry of magic before she fell in love with your father, and subsequently vacated her position to live with her husband in Japan. Just after she left, the first wizarding world war started. Ministry did not want outside interference, hence was never told of what was happening here. All her relatives were wiped out during the course of war. Her husband then became the Head of Magic Council in Japan.” “I won't be adding Naruto to the trio. I have him paralleled with Voldemort. What do you expect”

NOTES: This was in the author's note for the first chapter. “I searched for a Naruto born in HP world fics but none of the results satisfied me. This will be the fic I wanted to read. This will be single pairing, which will be NarutoxHermione. Sorry Ron... In this fic, Naruto will make his own place, and not replace someone. Though he could kill someone else's kill. But he will definitely not take their glory.” If a character is born into one world instead of the other then the powers they have need to be powers found in that world and not the world they were originally from.

This is the second note from chapter. “Also, I have not read any pure HP fanfics (except for the one where he is raised by goblins). So I don't know what I am doing counts as cliché or not. Please tell me if it does (I've heard that there's some kind of Ron bashing one..)... I want to make this story recognised as one and the only kind. That's why I removed Dumbledore from the Diagon alley scene..” And... “Naruto will not be OOC... Maybe a little but not much. If he can endure the hate of an entire village and come out strong, no orphan kiddies have the balls to make him change.(Note that while tom had become quiet in his time, Naruto became loud, overtly cheerful. It is important)”

The third chapter is an author's note. They're thinking about putting in more characters from Naruto into the series. “Some important points about the characters: […] Will use non- conventional magic, dark arts. […] Will have their own arcs, will occur during the school year or the summer break (most likey). […] The characters will not have their bloodlines (No sharigan) [...]” (That's kind of funny since other ninja techniques are still there.) “[...] These characters will be darker and more grayish than the typical HP verse character.” (I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean.)

The near death scenarios... egads.Collapse )

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