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Since Pottersues is getting a lot of new minions I decided it was time to draw up the basic rules for this journal that have pretty much gone unsaid among the minions. I'll also note here that there have been four Pottersues so far since the journal was started.

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2370: Forbidden Familiars - Hermione, Ginny, Lavender, Pansy, Draco
The next week picked by the winner of last years contest is “special pet week”. I actually suggest caution if you click on the link for today's entry. It contains MA content and beastality. It's why I placed the LJ cut sooner. It's honestly as bad as “those”.
- There are twenty two days left until fanfic contest starts.
- Sorry for dredging Mermidian Silke up for the Flashback Sue today, but that is the one that popped into my head for today.
- I found an interesting rant for the Tom/Harry ship for todays entry.

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3269: Herigh - Harry "Herigh" Potter
Here is the other story on KitKat825's profile that screamed feature me to me. I'd say the wall of text on this one is far worse.
- There are twenty three days left until fanfic contest starts.
- Ginny-sue is our Flashback Sue for the day. I was searching the word “anti” to try and find anti-feminism used in any of the older entries. It's one of those out there entries I think and it is still there on the site.
- I was working on finding a link of the day that talks about not labeling characters Mary Sues because they have the symptoms of a Mary Sue and instead found this. Instead we have another case of people labeling characters as Mary Sues because they have the symptoms of a Mary Sue and not because they actually are Mary sues. Let me make it clear that an empowered character does not equate a Mary Sue and asking for more Mary Sues does not get you more empowered characters either. This... and the writer of the article seems to have forgotten that the series in question isn't aimed at females in the first place. The target audience is males.

TITLE: Herigh
COVER/BANNER ART: None... older fic...
SUMMARY:”Harry comes into his inheritance. Darkfic PreHBP Snarry Darkfae!Harry Submissive!Snape Anti dumbles and Mione maybe Ron I redid Ch. 2 sorry bout the spacing wasnt paying much attention.”
FULL NAME: Harry “Herigh” Potter
HAIR: “'I do,' was the quiet but strong response from the boy kneeling before the thrown, his dark black hair growing in moments from short and wild to long and straight.”
EYES: “Straightening his posture once more, he opened his eyes; the color of his iris matching his new wings seemed to take over the entirety of his eye before returning back to normal.”
MARKINGS: “Suddenly he collapsed onto the floor before him, two large wings bursting out from his back. The wings now expanded covered the majority of his back, outlined in black the main color was emerald green and had some sort of pattern across them in a silvery sort of black. “ Says Pomfrey of his wings, “From what I know of fae, your wing color represents your position on there cast system. You Harry are of the royal fae court."
POSSESSIONS: He's got some kind of Fae attached to him that is asking “master” to save him. It turns out that it is Snape and Snape's name is now “Sashin”.. He also ends up with a big family that doesn't seem to include Petunia and Dudley.
CONNECTION TO CANON: Harry thinks it is only a dream, come down stairs with his wings and gets kicked out of the house by Vernon. He then proceeds to fly to Hogwarts without any concern about being seen doing this and is greeted by Madam Pomfrey as if nothing ever happened. Pomfrey tells Dumbledore that Harry is in no condition to see Dumbledore and Dumbledore pull the whole “As long as he is in my School he is under my authority.”
ORIGIN: We have another story where the writer thinks Harry needs help defeating the Dark Lord so they Godmode Stu him.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: “You have a job to complete. As you are only a maternal half fae you should not be as affected in there world as if you were of pure fae blood. However you must be careful of your glamour. Keep it on at all times. No one must know of your true heritage, it will be the only thing that will allow you to defeat the Dark Lord.” (Maternal side? Then what about Dudley and Petunia?)

NOTES: One of the first things I saw when I clicked on the actual title was this in the author's note for the writer. “I do not own the idea of the unseelie court nor any ideas of fae. They all come from the brilliant Holly Black.” *slaps forehead* Nor does Holly Black own these ideas either. What the writer doesn't say is that this technically is a crossover with Holly Black's works.

Oh... and Harry calling Snape “my Severus Snape” in the second chapter... creepy. I stopped reading this one at the point Harry says, "Yes sashin, I love you. I have loved you even before I knew you were my mate. Truthfully I fell in love with you last year, although I have always liked and respected you. But don't think that means you are gunna control this relationship. I am your dominant for a reason. But to the question you posed, it was pertaining to the treatment I was receiving at my supposed Aunt and Uncle's home."

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3268: The Potter + Riddle Prophesy -
Here is the last day of Prophesy Week. Seems like all the entries were older entries more then ten years old including todays.
- There are twenty four days left until fanfic contest starts.
- I picked a random number in my head and ended up with Joanna Potter for our Flashback Sue for today.
- It's not the stamp or the creators rant that drew my attention on this one but the well founded critique of the work. This said, I was actually looking for an article about how sometimes a character will contain the symptoms of being a Mary Sue but sucessfully not be a Mary Sue. I know I've read some.

TITLE: The Potter + Riddle Prophesy
COVER/BANNER ART: None... the story is from 2002.
SUMMARY:”What the hell? Voldermont has a daughter?! Hell funny, totally rocks ppls.”
FULL NAME: Rachel Riddle
SPECIES: Voldemorts daughter...
HAIR: “long brown eyes”
EYES: “mysterious”
CONNECTION TO CANON: Harry, Hermione and Ron are being allowed to throw a surprise party at night for Hagrid. While they're waiting for Dumbledore to let Hagrid in for dinner a letter is suddenly delivered and they find out that Dumbledore is in trouble. More along the lines of Dumbledore needing him because it is an emergency, but what ever. They all then say happy birthday to Hagrid, but his birthday isn't for a week or so. Dumbledore and Snape are missing, but they come in towards the end of chapter three.
ORIGIN: While they are so excited about Hagrids surprise birthday party Rachel is being sorted into Gryffindor.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: None... never got far enough. There is some kind of odd 99.97562% in potions for Hermione

NOTES: Why did I give this one such a low rating? It's for the simple fact that this one never got past the symptoms that indicate a character is going to be a Mary Sue. We see her in chapter four and find out some basic information about her, but we never get to meet her.


Because one reviewer sounded the cry of Mary Sue before the writer really introduced her. This wasn't someone claiming the character was a Mary Sue because the character is Voldemort's daughter. They had to have known about that before they entered the story and even say :the concept was sou sound” at the beginning of their review. It kind of feels like they slapped on the label because she has mysterious eyes and/or the idea of Voldemort's daughter being sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin was not believable to them.

Then again, this may just be me.

I just know that we didn't get to the possible good yummy Sue stuff on this one.

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3267: Filfilling a Prophes: Lord and Lady - Hermione Granger (Voldemort's Queen)
Here is day six of prophesy week. Another old fic from 2003.
- Fanfic Contest!
- I think you guys should check out the Flashback Sue. I wasn't expecting to find it, but when I did... LOL!
- No link of the day today. I'm tired.

TITLE: Fulfilling a Prophesy: Lord and Lady
COVER/BANNER ART: None... older fic.
SUMMARY:”A newly graduated Tom Riddle hears a Prophesy about his Queen, but mistakes are made, and the wrong person was chosen, and was killed. With a Queen on his side, will he become more powerful?”
FULL NAME: Hermione Granger
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
POSSESSIONS: Lots of books thankfully.
CONNECTION TO CANON: Voldemort crucifies Wormtail for getting details wrong so he can't yet find his queen. Harry has a dream and worries about being able to do what everyone wants him to. Hermione then pack to go back to school. Ron now has a cat named Foxy. (Situation similar to Wormtail I'm guessing?) Since Draco is also Head she calls him by his first name. Dumbledore then whines to Severus that Hermione needs to know.
ORIGIN: I think the summary says it all.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Hermione hasn't decided what she wants to be. The reason she's always prepared with extra sources of knowledge is because she's friends with Harry Potter. She's also Head Girl

NOTES: We never get the prophesy in this one for which I'm thankful. I'm also thankful this one never got to the point Hermione was forced to be with voldemort.

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3266: Aussi Froid Que Noir S'est Leve - Hermione Granger
Here is the fifth fic for Prophesy Week. It's another older fic, this one being 2003
- Twilth Annual Pottersues Contest is going to start soon, so start thinking about the entries you want to enter.
- I decided to go through the older pepper jack cheese entries and found this for our Flash Back Sue.
- This is the problem with famous celebrities doing theater. I'm not saying that Denzel Washington doesn't deserve to go back to theater, but he certainly doesn't deserve his fans to treat him the way they did while he was preforming. Should I also mention this isn't proper etiquette for people viewing a play period? I'd say kids these days, but I honestly don't think these are kids.

TITLE: Aussi Froid Que Noir S'est Leve
PERPETRATOR: bottleofsunshine
COVER/BANNER ART: None... older fic...
SUMMARY:”In their sixth year, the two top students find that they have been chosen in a prophesy. What happens when that prophesy can be a curse...or a spell? R/R!! Luv Y'all!!” The real summary though is this. ”n an old castle, a parchment is unrolled. In gold and silver letters, the fancy script sparkled in the flickering fire. The old man went to sit down. The letters whispered outloud in a many voices, "We believe in the angel, Natasha, and her husband, Evan. The prophecy states..." Oh, what a weird year this will become for a couple Hogwarts students.”
FULL NAME: Hermione Granger... Draco
SPECIES: Granger is high on pepper-jack cheese and unable to act like her normal self. Even her mother starts to notice a difference, but that is only because her mum wants a student with the best grades.
HAIR: Like canon... painfully so. The writer says having it frizzy is the only way it looks good.
EYES: Like canon...
MARKINGS: Nothing specific.
POSSESSIONS: “She threw on a pair of khakis and a white knitted sweater. She quickly loaded up her carry-on items, (including seven 1,000+ page leisure books and some money), and headed out to the car.”
CONNECTION TO CANON: Hermione acts like you expect a lot of female fanfic writers if they were allowed to get away with it. The next day she showers to catch the train and Fred and George have created something called “Slytherin's Drinks” that Harry and Ron seem to have smuggled it in. It seems to involve “pink glittery feathers and all”. Draco walks in, Hermione blushes behind her book. Hinckledoober is the new professor and they got nine new Gryffindors. Both she and Draco get packages which neather can open until Halloween at midnight. Albus is then reminded about the prophesy by “Olivia, Madaline, Bella, Natalie, Heidi, 'Trina, and Analise”. Says Dumbledore to McGonagall's. "Well, Minerva, it seems Natasha and Evan have unleashed the curse...and it has been traced to find the fates resting here in Hogwarts." Dumbledore is worried because no packages have come and then decides to announce that two of the students are in danger instead of just issuing a curfew. Then it is Hermione's sweet sixteen. She gets a letter from Analise saying to take lots of pictures and that they'll get to know each other later. (Creepy...)
ORIGIN: The writer replaces Hermione with some girl who procrastinates with her homework and likes American Idol. The writer changed the characters birthdays. (Weren't they revealed by 2003? Draco's and Hermione's that is?)
SPECIAL ABILITIES:”Under the kitchen table lay a text, forgotten, with a shiny A glowing in the florescent lights. Last-minute was very un-Hermione. You can probably tell she sorta' changed.” Yeah... no kidding. The writer's explanation for this? “Oh, and, I wanted to create a summer Hermione. You know, not everyone can be that serious all the time, ::ahem:: me ::ahem::. So, I'm sorry if you didn't like that OOC, but I promise it's going away with the holidays.” No... I think you just had Hermione act the way you want to act during the summer. There is a big difference.

NOTES: According to Google translate because I didn't want to bother pulling out a language dictionary the title translates to “So Cold That Black Rose”, but a better translation with a bit of translation is “Therefore Cool That Black Rose”. One of the reviewers taking French 2 translated it as “Cold as Black it Raises Itself.” Another is “As Cold as Black itself!” Hermione also hyperventilates despite the fact this is never evidenced in the books.

Anyways... I couldn't read past chapter five.

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3265: Silver Opportunities - Kaiden the false titled, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
I had planned on posting an entry yesterday but by the time I got to the entry I was tired from the activities of the forth. I then went to do up the entry for the forth entry for Prophesy Week and found myself not in the mood with me being as tired as I was. I mean... where to begin with this.
- Don't forget about this!
- I couldn't find a rant about creature-fics or creature inheritances but found this instead. It works to for the link of the day.
- The third Flashback Sue is the only other story that featured a Griffin Creature Stu.

TITLE: Silver Opportunities
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a clip of their avatar which is of Draco trying to kiss Harry.
SUMMARY:”Summery: the prophesy Harry knew was fake. The real prophesy is about a Griffin and his mates Oc/hp/dm slash”
FULL NAME: Kaiden, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
SPECIES: Kaiden is a griffin. Harry and Draco are both his mates.
HAIR: See markings...
EYES: “Harry let him walk up to him. The man was only slightly taller than him so he didn't have to look up much to meet his eyes. They were dark brown, so dark they were almost black, the darkest of chocolates, Harry was mesmerized by those eyes.”
MARKINGS: “'Don't be afraid.' the man speaking was, well, hot! He was wearing nothing but a loin cloth, his muscles large and well defined. Caramel colored skin and beautiful black hair that hung loose around his face and shoulders. His facial features were strong and bold, warm but not soft. Harry knew this man was not someone to mess with. His bearing was like Lucius Malfoy and screamed breeding and royalty.”
POSSESSIONS: Harry and Draco of course.
CONNECTION TO CANON: After finding out that he has two mates Kaiden proceeds to stalk them and instead of finding his behavior disturbing the other griffen's find it amusing and treat it as if said behavior is cute. In the mean time they have a run in with the centaurs. They're able to roam free because one of he ends up becoming the owner of Hogwarts. Then we flash to Harry who has a flash back to when he turned of age... at age sixteen by the way. He also dreams of Kaiden and is completely fine with this guy making the claim that he is his mate. He wakes and then wishes that Kaiden really was coming for him. He then has more dreams. Malfoy is in this and they're called “prince” and while both freak out that time, they are both fine with that. He then starts calling Ron and Hermione “bastards” in his mind for no reason, because “he was still put out that neither she nor Ron had owled him all summer long”. He then sees them announce Kaiden's presence and Snape makes Dumbledore look bad and he gets to claim the two.
ORIGIN: “[Kaiden] felt when the first had come of age and welcomed him in his dream that night, satisfied that he had a strong and beautiful mate. […] A month later, he had been shocked to discover that he had another mate as the second came of age.” Despite Kaiden being a griffen, he is referred to as a man.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: “[Kaiden] Shadows' had been shocked and proud that their leader had two mates; it was a sign of the Great One and proof that they had trials ahead and would need the power.” “He'd heard them calling from across the ocean.” (So... this means he's from America, right?) Even the Centaurs call him the “Great One”. Kaiden's importance is that Hogwarts has accepted him, making him the owner of the building. His title is now... “Great One, Prince Kaiden of the Silver Griffins and Owner of Hogwarts”.

NOTES: Since the Harry Potter world bases creatures off their mythological counterparts a griffin is like this. I really didn't get past the first chapter. The character and canon assassinations on this one were enough to get it the toxic rating with the first chapter and while conceit would be a great fault for Kaiden, he also gets his way

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3264: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Prophesy - James, Lily, Bill Granger, Marry Weasly
Here is day three of prophesy week.
- Start making plans for the fanfic contest.
- This isn't what I was actually looking for, but the discussion is sure interesting so it's now the link of the day.
- Our secondFlashback Sue is Kaila Kerryda Riddle. You won't find the story though. The writer got caught using the pit at the tender age of nine then threw a gasket on her journal after the fact. It disappeared within forty-eight hours of being featured here. My reason though for featuring? Today's entry is also written by a young writer as well, but it was posted by their sibling and perfectly within the rules because of this. It's also interesting to see how the stories vary between a young female writer and a young male writer.

TITLE: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Prophesy
PERPETRATOR: Redblaze (Yes... the account belongs to Finland Fett... but... read the summary.)
SUE-O-METER: AWFUL (awful) (For a story that is published to a site that the writers are supposed to be thirteen up. I suspect this “little brother” is far from the age of thirteen, so I'll add that for their age level it is likely a good or okay rating.)
COVER/BANNER ART: The writer's sibling's avatar, which is a picture of a Hetalia character. Can you guess which one?
SUMMARY:”AU Written by my little brother Redblaze.”
FULL NAME: James Potter, Lily Potter, Bill Granger, Marry Weasly.
CONNECTION TO CANON: I love how the minds of some of the younger writers work. There is a certain charm to their stories. They are at the hospital ward and Lily is giving birth to James when it is suddenly attacked by Death Eaters and Vampires. For some reason James is a professor and he's looking for Dumbledore. Oh... and the hospital wing... it's at Hogwarts and Hogwarts collapses. The only survivers seem to be Harry and Voldemort.
ORIGIN: Some one thought it was a good idea to post their younger siblings story to the site. The result? Their one and only review thinks them a troll.

NOTES: I see a lot of spellings I expect of a very young writer so I doubt this one is a troll, but if it is one I think the writer did a far better job then most we've seen. Then there is the plot, which us older people know doesn't work but I can see working in the mind of some younger people. It's something that is hard to recreate.

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Twilth Annual Pottersues Competiton

WHAT? Bad fan fiction. Or at least bad premises.
WHO? All of the lesbian minions, and anybody else who wants to participate!
WHERE? The Pit of Voles.
WHEN? August 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015. (I have a reason for the long time frame for this particular contest.)
WHY? Because, as loyal minions we should show our abilities off, and we frequent this journal because we both love, and love to hate Mary-Sues. Links to our previous contest announcements can be found in the Suechives.
HOW? I assign a theme, and you write really bad fan fiction. It doesn't have to be bad, but we all know that if a fic is written poorly it will still get lots of reviews. You can make it a serious attempt, with proper punctuation, grammar, and canon. You can make it filled with plot holes, cliched, and OOC. It can be a crossover or AU, it doesn't matter. As long as the rules are followed it will be fine. :) I do want to mention that there are a lot more "sporkers" on now, so if you make it an obvious troll then you won't get the reviews you need to win.

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3263 - The Prophesy - Ginny Weasely
Here is day two of prophesy week. This one was written in 2005.

I decided to go and find this particular for the link of the day as well. It actually pertains to the content in this fic.

You know how radio shows have flashbacks where they air music from an older era? Well... I think I'll start Flashback Sues to some of the older entries. The one that comes to mind for today's entry is Punk Butt Hermione. Yes... it had to do with today's entry actually. Feel free to post comments on the older entry as well as make comparisons in the comments for the entry here.

TITLE: The Prophesy
SUE-O-METER: TOXIC (toxic) And... the sues attitude is diserving of this rating as well.
COVER/BANNER ART: None... story was written in 2005 and while the writer was active later on they've not been active to even add an avatar to their profile.
SUMMARY:”Ginny finds a prophesy of her own while in the ministry of magic. Her adventures with Draco and Blaise with her own prophesy. Yeah not a good summary but thats ok im not good at them.” (The first thought that popped into my head when I read this summary was... what time would she have to find her own prophesy. The second thing that popped into my head... she's not even remotely close to being friends with these two.) Then when I got into the story I found this summary. ”Ginny finds a prophesy of her own while in the ministry of magic and has decided to follow its words. No she is not evil so don't think it. She's just feed up with good and evil and decides to follow her own path. The path she was meant to take.”
FULL NAME: Ginny Weasly
SPECIES: brat!Ginny ... I was going to include Blaise and Draco under the Sues, but then I got farther into the story and realized this one's all on Ginny
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: Ginny decides she is not going to go out with Harry because... and I quote... "I already gave you my answer you arse. NO I refuse to go out with someone as prissy as you. You're rude; you don't care about any one but yourself. Not to mention I don't find you the least bit attractive, you can't kiss even if your life depended upon it, and your [****] far too small. Now fuck off!" This is why she pretty much goes running off when Harry asks her out and is acting like a complete ass and an immature brat. She of course doesn't wait to say these humiliating things to him in private, she says them in front of Draco. Draco them confeses her love to her and she says “I know baby I know.” She then wines about how the Slytherin's “paid attention to me and they understood me you idiot they did far more for me in afew months than you ever did.” Oh... and apparently she is nothing like the Gryfindor. The next day after getting resorted and upped a year she chews her brother out at breakfast for calling her Gin and complains about how “Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger refuse to leave us alone to have a quiet meal.” Then during potion classes Ginny outshines Hermione in knowledge and then Hermione loses 30 points for messing up said potion and Crabbe manages to outshine Ron
ORIGIN: “Pairing: Draco Ginny (yes I know it'll never happen in the book but that's why these are fictional), Ron Hermione, and perhaps Sirius Lucius.” … and “Warnings: Yes there will be Harry bashing even though I love him he just doesn't fit nicely into this story line. Im sorry Harry I love you.” Translation... “I can't be bothered paying attention to canon or the characters being in character because this is all fictional and fictional means anything I want to happen can.” What's even worse is the writer actually thinks what she's done to the canon characters is all right. Then again, she thinks this is just Ginny being fed up with good and evil, which actually has very different connotations then the writer thinks it does.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Ginny calls Harry a “horrible, small, selfish prat” when she is. She also says "Because I have realized that I am nothing like any of you. I hate what you stand for. Mudbloods, halfbloods, halfbreeds, they don't belong in this world. I have found that my magical powers are far stronger than ever imagined. I can probably over power you without any training at all." (You know... I was just going to give this one an awful rating until I read this line.) She gets resorted into Slytherein. (That is so not the correct spelling! And in bold so that the spelling mistake stood out.) Because she got all O's in her OWLs she gets to skip a year.

NOTES: When I checked to see if this story had already been featured I instead discovered their other story. It's a Harry inheritance fic. I think I'll feature that one between the two weeks because it screams “FEATURE ME!”.

My question about how she had time to find her own prophesy never got answered and even more questions ended up popping into my head.Collapse )

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