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Since Pottersues is getting a lot of new minions I decided it was time to draw up the basic rules for this journal that have pretty much gone unsaid among the minions. I'll also note here that there have been four Pottersues so far since the journal was started.

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3296: The Chronicles of Sakora, book 1
A Suethor found their story again.
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- Here is the link of the day.
- Flashback Sue has a rainbow birthmark.

TITLE: The Chronicles of Sakra, book 1
PERPETRATOR: MysteriousRaven1990
SUE-O-METER: (troll)
SUMMARY:”Sakora is an Indian princess, who is also a witch. She is targeted by an evil wizard, bent on revenge. After a few misadventures, she finally gets to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This will follow along with the Harry Potter series. Starting with the sorcerer's Stone. Rated T just to be safe. Even though I don't think there will be anything particularly bad.”
FULL NAME: Princess Alondra Damineir
SPECIES: Fae princess, daughter of King Pyramus and Queen Lunaria Damineir
HAIR: She has “flowing black hair”.
EYES: She has “greenish-blue eyes”.
MARKINGS: Blue wold ears...
POSSESSIONS: She has a friend named Emerald who is a mermaid.
CONNECTION TO CANON: This has no connection to either the canon of Harry Potter or Charmed. Someone wanted to kidnap the Fae. There are a bunch of other OCs running around. Couldn't get past the second chapter.
ORIGIN: The writer is trying to hard to troll. That, or the writer is very young.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: She's half-fox, half-wolf shifter. She has the powers of the Avatar. She can compand shadows to hide her.

NOTES: I smell troll. That, or a very young writer who really honestly thinks this is the most creative story ever.

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3295: Do You Believe In Magic - Iris "Rissie" Eileen Potter
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- I found this for the link of the day. It looked interesting to me.
- The Flashback Sue is from America.

TITLE: Do You Believe In Magic
COVER/BANNER ART: I think the cover is supposed to be a picture of Iris.
SUMMARY:”Iris "Rissie" Potter was born the twin sister of Harry Potter; however, she was also born a Squib. After Bill and Fleur's wedding, she was taken to Lord Voldemort to be kept hostage. When all hope seemed lost, a mysterious figure transported her to Forks, WA. Who will she meet there, and how will this effect the Wizarding World as we know it?”
FULL NAME: Iris “Rissie” Eileen Potter
SPECIES: squib
HAIR: red
EYES: n/a
MARKINGS: “The only friend I had at Stonewall High was a boy named Sean Harris, who had hearing problems like me. The main difference between us was the fact that his hearing was completely gone in both ears, while mine was only gone in my left ear and partially gone in my right ear. Despite the fact that I was only mostly deaf, he continued to give me the support and love that he knew I desperately needed.” She also has freckles
POSSESSIONS: She has hearing aids that her “[Aunt Petunia had] been forced to get me a new pair every year by school mandate, but she always insisted on getting me the cheapest ones she could find so they always looked clunky and often had problems with feedback and other volume issues.”
CONNECTION TO CANON: Things went pretty well in the prolog other then the mentioning of the hearing aids that I don't know whether they will actually play a role in the story. The second chapter the Dursley family is leaving and the explanation for her going to Forks seems to be this, but the summary says otherwise. On top of this Iris has been physically abused, so she ends up asking why they would want to stay in a house with such blood, which causes Harry to realize the abuse has been going on. He goes off on them and he acts like he doesn't care if they end up tortured or not. Iris is a complete brat as well. The third chapter is where the multiple Harry's occur. Chapter four is Voldemort showing up going after Harry. (Wouldn't she have been flying with someone else? Wouldn't they have arranged for her to leave earlier?) It ends at chapter eight where she gets kidnapped at the wedding.
ORIGIN: She was born a squib and is one of the most realistic squibs I've ended up featuring.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: She's mostly deaf. Not sure if this ends up playing an actual role in the story as a fatal flaw or not. It does make her an interesting character though. Despite the fact at least Petunia and Dudley became better people by this point they are character bashed. Also... instead of sending his Squib sister away she ends up in the middle of everything.

NOTES: There is a certain charm to this story and a lot of good strong elements despite the fact the character is a Mary Sue. I'm not sure how I like the fact that a good chunk of the plot mirrors the Harry Potter plotline.

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3294 - Just the Way I'm Not - Lindley Skullringz and cast
I decided to look through OC stories in the Harry Potter crossovers and this was the first thing that popped up.
- DadadaDaaa! The fanfic contest!
- I found this for the link of the day. It's rather interesting and in a way related to today's entry.
- The Flashback Sue... to quote Pottersues of the time “... of all the HP couple that one could use, James and Lily???” My thoughts exactly.

TITLE: Just The Way I'm Not
PERPETRATOR: xxxkawaiikandixxx
SUE-O-METER: (troll)
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a photoshoped picture of Bilbo giving the finger using both hands.
SUMMARY:”Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings crossover including some characters from TV shows (SHERLOCKKKKKKK!) and Movies other than Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. highschool alternative universe. My first fanfic XD XDXDXDXD. Lots of sex scenes (ehehehe scenes)”
FULL NAME: Lindley Skullringz, Harry Potter, Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, Sherlock, Brittany S pears
SPECIES: Troll Sue
HAIR: don't care
EYES: don't care
MARKINGS: don't care
POSSESSIONS: don't care
CONNECTION TO CANON: She has a crush on Bilbo but randomly kicks him in the crotch yelling that he hates her. Sherlock shows up in chapter three and they stare into each others eyes. Chapter five sees her prego. She has a run in later with Brittany Spears.
ORIGIN: The writer thought it would be just charming to recreate My Immortal and throw the casts from a ton of stuff into the show.

NOTES: As I read the summary I asked myself... what is the point of this fanfic... the sex scenes? I decided to take a look at the profile and thought... this has got to be a troll... and looked at the reviews and found others agree.

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3293: Turning Tables - Harry Potter
As I was looking for a story to feature for today I found a story that averaged over 12k per chapter.
- Don't forget! Fanfic contest!
- Here is the link of the day.
- Flashback Sue for today is one where the Mary Sue is a water nymph.

TITLE: Turning Tables
COVER/BANNER ART: The cover is a the Hogwarts crest hand drawn.
SUMMARY:”When Harry is eight he wins a camera and begins to photograph the neglect and abuse he suffers. He flips the tables on the Durselys blackmailing them into treating him reasonably. Harry is very perceptive and anyone will have a hard time trying to manipulate him. Smart!Manipulative!Grey!Slytherin!Harry, Manipulative!Dumbledore, some Weasley and Dumbles bashing. T for language”
FULL NAME: Harry Potter
SPECIES: A brat who is far more manipulative then Dumbledore is supposed to be... and there is no reason for it.
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
MARKINGS: He's got sunburns from working in the garden and his hands are “cut” from pulling weeds. To be exact, “Over the next month Harry documented and took photos of the abuse he suffered. His torn up hands and sunburnt skin after pulling weeds without gloves, more bruises and bumps he suffered from his cousin and sometimes aunt, burns from cooking, and even a dog bite he got from Aunt Marge's prized pet Ripper.” You know... last time I checked this isn't considered child abuse persay and Harry could instead end up feeding his uncle's tales of him being the anti-Christ as the writer put it.
POSSESSIONS: Harry has a camera he won. He had a lot of other prizes that got taken away.
CONNECTION TO CANON: Harry is a maniacal little brat who decides to blackmail his relatives with photos he's taken and he proceeds to excel at school because “Vernon stopped poisoning the teachers ipinion about Harry”. He also pretty much says he has no need for friends that would run because Dudley beat them up and blames their lack of loyalty on them and not the fact Dudley is a scary bully. He works on scholarships as well. Harry flips that Dumbledore has his key and gets McGonagal questioning why the man has his key. (Umm... hello, he's a minor.) He then completely freaks because Flourish and Blotts has a sale celebrating his birthday. Apparently people have been allowed to write and publish books about him to make money. I felt this was a good time to stop reading this one.
ORIGIN: Harry wins a camera and decides to blackmail his aunt and uncle. As I pointed out in my note though the only real abuse he can take a picture of is that cupboard. “In this story my Dumbledore will be very manipulative but ultimately good (well however "good" he could be all things considered) He has a skewed idea of right and wrong but he believes he is really doing everything for the best” (Yeah... you're still doing what everyone else does, just painting it with a different name.)
SPECIAL ABILITIES: “Harry Potter was much smarter than the average eight year old. This wasn't because he read a lot of books, it was because he understood people. Understanding people's motivations and actions would usually be quite the feat for an eight year old but Harry learned to read people because it was essential for his survival. Being able to tell what mood his aunt, uncle and cousin were in could mean the difference between being locked in his cupboard for a week without food or an impossibly long list of chores.” On top of this... well, “Finally the film ran out and he was ready. He snuck money from Dudley's room who would hardly notice and few pounds missing and if he did hopefully it would be too late. He went to the store after school (he had to walk home while Dudley rode with Aunt Petunia) to get the film developed and ordered two copies. The next day he went back and got them storing the negatives in case he would need more. When he got home he hid one of the copies in under a loose floorboard he had discovered when he had to clean Dudley's spare bedroom and kept the other set on him.” Sure... a lower grade school is going to have the capabilities to develop film in their student store.

NOTES: As I read the summary I asked myself, what could Harry be taking pictures of? Perhaps the fact he lives in the cupboard under the stairs, but in reality most of the abuse really isn't something he could easily take a picture of. I then got to thinking... how could Harry win a camera without the Dursley family knowing?

Also... the writer claims that Harry is smart because he is good at reading people, but he doesn't come across that way. I really don't understand why people like seeing the canon butchered like this.

On the positive side of things the abuse isn't as exaggerated as it usually is.Collapse )

3292 - The Bitter Hug of Mortality - Harry Potter Charlus/Charlie Potter
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest!
- Here is the link of the day.
- Flashback Sue is a Lily... but not a canon Lily.

TITLE: The Bitter Hug of Mortality
PERPETRATOR: She Who Cannot Be Turned
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a clip of their avatar.
SUMMARY:”Harry is the younger brother of the Boy Who Lived and is a little strange. He hears voices no one else can hear, he knows things no one else should know and he's just this side of crazy. Oh, and everyone thinks he's a squib. When it comes to Harry, however, all bets are off and nothing is entirely certain.”
FULL NAME: Harry Potter, Charlus/Charlie Potter
SPECIES: brother and boy who lived
HAIR: n/a
EYES: "There is something wrong with Harry's eyes, like Lord Potter thought. I'm sorry to have to tell you, but your son has aniridia, which means that he has no iris. Now, we can't tell you how this will affect him as he grows up, but we can tell you that he will be photophobic."
MARKINGS: "Yes, well, with degenerative diseases such as these, they are generally a sign of something else. You see, our magic makes us immune to most muggle genetic illnesses and so when a child is born with one… I'm afraid to tell you, Lord and Lady Potter, but your son being born with aniridia is a sign that he may be a squib."
POSSESSIONS: Don't really care
CONNECTION TO CANON: The first chapter pretty much explains how the writer decided to change the Perivell family into necromancers... because you know... it's cool. (Well, maybe that wasn't their reason but that is what popped into my head.) The second chapter has Charlus being there when his baby brother Harry is born. When Peter tells Voldemort about the boy's Voldemort kills hi mand assums that it will be Charlus who will be his downfall. (So... both were both in the same time frame.) Lily still ends up being alive because Charlie has defeated Lord Voldemort.
ORIGIN: “Many years ago, there were three very different and unusual brothers with a strange talent. They all had the ability to commune with Death. They found they could talk with those that had already died. They could control any corpses that they brought out of the ground. Ghosts were solid to the touch to them and they could walk with spectres of the deceased when walking through cemeteries.”
SPECIAL ABILITIES: The Potter family is so well to do they are called Lord and Lady. Those with magic are immune to “muggle genetic illnesses” despite the fact there is no reason for this to be the case.

NOTES: When I took a look at the writer's profile I read this. “Right, it seems FFN has finally gone power mad or something and is deleting any fic that might upset their delicate sensibilities (I mean, the guidelines say M is for stuff suitable to be read by people sixteen and up. I live in UK. If they're old enough to do it, they're old enough to bloody read about it, right?)! We wouldn't wanna scar anyone with the big nasty truth that gay people have sex, would we? *snort*” You know... just because some sixteen year old teens decide to do it doesn't mean all of them do. It also has nothing to do with slash either but whether the content is appropriate for the majority of the age group.

The bigger issue here though is the writer's inability to pay attention to canon. Or to how genetics work for that matter. This is pretty much my reason for not reading this one past the second chapter. The one good thing though seems to be that there is no character bashing. Lily cares a lot for Harry. Honestly though... no point to a good deal of the changes or the God Moding.

The most perfect life ever... the Potters live, they have a huge house, even more kids...Collapse )

3291: Time to Put Your Galleons Where Your Mouth Is - Harry James Potter/Turais Rigel Black
Sorry for not posting yesterday. I thought I had actually posted an entry. Bummer...
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- The link of the day has bad text but is interesting to read.
- Flashback Sue isn't very old... only two years ago did I feature it. However, the fic for today reminds me of this one for some reason.

TITLE: Time to Put Your Galleons Where Your Mouth Is
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a clip of the writer's avatar. Their avatar is likely a picture of themselves. SERIOUSLY. When you log in there is this grey box that pops up telling you not to post personal pictures of yourself!
SUMMARY:”Harry had never been able to comprehend a sibling relationship before, but he always thought he'd be great at it. Until, as Master of Death, he's reborn one Turais Rigel Black, older brother to Sirius and Regulus. (Rebirth/time travel and Master of Death Harry)”
FULL NAME: Harry James Potter/Turais Rigel Black
SPECIES: Godmode Stu
HAIR: don't care
EYES: don't care
MARKINGS: “Walburga had shrieked and shrieked when she'd come to wake him up the morning of November the first to see blood all over his pillow. Apparently he'd scratched the scar into his head whilst sleeping. That was a new way of acquiring it, but once again he was now, as Draco Malfoy had so beautifully put it, a 'scar-head'.” Also... the scar is eternal!
CONNECTION TO CANON: We find out in the first chapter that, “Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Master of Death, had been reborn more times than he could possibly count. It came with the job title, the second one that was. Master of Death. Which meant he was constantly being dropped into his next great adventure at the drop of a hat.” He hasn't yet met the founders but he is looking forward to it eventually. We then see him performing a light show to keep baby Sirius occupied.
ORIGIN: The writer decided to turn Harry into a person with social issues similar to Autism without perhaps realizing they were doing it or understanding what they were getting into. He then comes back as a Black and gets to be older then the other two. This is just from the summary and I'm having to shake my head.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Where to begin with this one on the special abilities. We've got quite a few from the summary alone. There is this idea that Harry can't comprehend sibling relationships which can't be supported by canon. Harry Potter is also the “Master of Death” and can time travel. Getting into the actual story we find the whole “Master of Death” bit means that he “has been reborn more times than he could possibly count”. He's been reborn so many times he doesn't cry anymore when it happens. In this current life he is already performing accidental magic at birth. And of course he gets to be the heir of the Black family instead of Sirius. Oh... and despite not yet being in school he can summon a patronus. It was at first three small ones and then a big one. (That's not how patronus work!)

NOTES: The first bone I have to pick is this whole idea that Harry doesn't understand sibling relationships. Just because a person doesn't have a sibling doesn't mean they can't understand sibling relationships. A sibling relationship isn't even limited to those people who are close to you, it can also be a really good friend.

The second bone I have to pick is this whole “Master of Death” idea that people keep using. The idea they're using isn't “one whose mastered the three deathly hallows” but instead someone who ends up with godlike powers that the hallows wouldn't give. I'm having problems right now imagining what the draw of this story is, let alone how it could possibly be written well without turning Harry Potter into a Godmode Stu or bringing in another fandom which has rules that would actually allow it to work.

I don't mind second fics that give second changes at life but this is really pushing it and doesn't resemble the original.Collapse )

3290: Just some nations, the golden trio, and a few demigods - Kayla/Fandom
- fanfic contest
- link of the day
- Flashback Sue

TITLE: Just some nations, the golden trio, and a few demigods
PERPETRATOR: AngelinanndKayla
SUMMARY:”Albus Dumbledore calls upon two off his friends to help harry potter at Hogwarts. Be ready to see your favorite nations interact with your favorite demigods and wizards. also includes Fandom the representation of our universe. usuk, gerita, spamano, sufin, pruaus, slight prussia/oc, percabeth, frazel, caleo, jiper, and romione. I do not own any of these characters r and r please”
FULL NAME: Fandom/Kayla
SPECIES: uh... what would you call her?
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: The country “Arthur” is sent a letter by Dumbledore asking him to come and help Harry out. The second chapter introduces Fandom and they pretty much whine about how hard it is being the personification of what they're a personification of. Everybody is then highly annoyed while Kayla runs amuck.
ORIGIN: Not sure...
SPECIAL ABILITIES: They're the personification of an entire universe. Kayla has a poodle patronus

NOTES: Isn't it rather lofty to give yourself a personification title like this in your own work? Is that the right word I'm even looking for? Or did I miss Hetalia adding a new character?

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3289: Treading Dangerous Waters - Harry Potter/James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes Jr. & Katerina Ba
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest.
- To quote the link of the day “...don't try to write crosovers that would NEVER happen or function in any kind of real space!”
- The Flashback Sue today is named Inferia.

TITLE: Treading Dangerous Waters
PERPETRATOR: SharpShooter42
SUMMARY:”"Harry Potter is dead. He died when you left him at an orphanage. You are a terrible mother, Liliana Mae Potter and I am glad Harry Potter died. I am James Buchanan Barnes Jr. I am the Soldier. Understand?"Bucky Barnes Jr. is kidnapped by his old family and is forced to go to Hogwarts.Let's just hope he can get through irritating sisters, jealous redheads and manipulating bastards”
FULL NAME: Harry Potter/James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes Jr. … Also, Katerina Barnes
SPECIES: He is the adopted son of Katerina Barnes nee Frost.
MARKINGS: Harry Potter is missing an arm when he is adopted and they say it is a terrorist attack.
POSSESSIONS: Frost has not only adopted Harry Potter but she also has triplets that are named Olivia, Natalia and Jummy.
CONNECTION TO CANON: So Lily was a horrible mother... and her name is Liliana. The first chapter is about Harry Potter getting adopted by this Katerina person. The second chapter is about James and Lily acting like idiots. At the age of one Harry is able to use high level spells and that is how he lost his arms. For some reason they decided it was best to put him in the orphanage because it was to dangerous for him and Ms. Candy's response is to tell them the baby died instead of telling them the truth that he had been adopted.
ORIGIN: The writer can't be bothered to pay attention to canon.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: This Sue is a better mother then Lily. Harry is also able to do spells. At sixteen Harry Potter is called “The Soldier.”

NOTES: I couldn't read past the third chapter. The canon is that badly butchered.

...Collapse )

3288: Seriously Who Hates Me Up There - Cassia Potter
Well... today's entry was rather quick to decide upon... and rather easy to write up.
- Don't forget about the fanfic contest!
- Here is the link of the day.
- I received an anonymous comment on the Flashback Sue which led me to finding today's entry. It's the supposed prequel to Vampires Mate. (now titled Vampire Mate)

TITLE: Seriously Who Hates Me Up There
SUMMARY:”Cassia Potter is relieved when the ministry finally accepts Voldemort it back and that her godfather is freed, however the young hero now has a new problem she is the mate of a veela she doesn't know who hates her so much but she will soon know they have a very twisted sense of humour. Fem Harry and Draco  ”
FULL NAME: Cassia Potter
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
POSSESSIONS: Her cousin's Stitch t-shirt among other cool shirts he used to own.
CONNECTION TO CANON: Her story is an exact replica of canon despite the writer saying otherwise.
ORIGIN: To quote the author's note... “mostly like the books however there are some changes”. Translation... “I couldn't be bothered coming up with my own story and my own words and instead stole Rowling's words.” If she's not copying from Rowling's work she's copying from the movies.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Her special ability is “being unoriginal”.

NOTES: I really don't know how you go about reporting stuff on noveljoy. I do know that the very first line clearly states, “Your use of the Website will not violate an provincial, and/or federal laws of regulations”

The parts that are in bold in the sample are the author's note as well as the part Rowling wrote. I checked the books.Collapse )

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