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Since Pottersues is getting a lot of new minions I decided it was time to draw up the basic rules for this journal that have pretty much gone unsaid among the minions. I'll also note here that there have been four Pottersues so far since the journal was started.

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3313: Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles - Harry and company
Thanks to for sending this one in.

- fanfic contest
- For the <a">link of the day</a> I give you the list of books this writer pretty much claims doesn't exist.
- Flashback Sue

TITLE: Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )
PERPETRATOR: proudhousewife
SUE-O-METER: (troll)
SUMMARY:”Do you want your little ones to read books; and they want to read the Harry Potter Books; but you do not want them to turn into witches? Well-this is the story for you! This story has all the adventure of JKR's books; but will not lead your children astray. For concerned mommies everywhere! Blessings! Grace Ann”
FULL NAME: Hagrid, Harry
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: Hagrid comes to the door as if he was one of those door-to-door preachers. Petunia speaks about evolution and Hagrid pretty much kidnaps her nephew to indoctrinate Harry into this fake cult. Except in this story “magic” is the power of the Christian religion that allows them to transport places. So... did Hagrid get Harry to commit suicide instead. Manna show up... and I think that is as far as I'll go with them.
ORIGIN: The writer claims, “I may not be a professional writer; but I think I am being given the talent to pull this off in service of a greater mission =)” Yeah... right.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: If the writer is serious they really don't understand the implications they are making, some of which go against many Christian denominations way of thinking. However... if the writer is being satirical on purpose...

NOTES: The patronizing attitude is the most annoying thing about all of this. I don't think adult women enjoy a grown woman calling them “mommies” instead of “mothers” and this progresses to Harry... who is supposed to be ten to eleven for crying out loud speaking like a three to four year old! I also couldn't help but make some of the comments about the implications I saw.

Oh wait... chapter three the writer says she's writing this so she and her husband have good Christian literature to give their kids to read, 'cause in this “modern world, sometimes, that can be hard to come by!” In chapter four the writer labels the haters as “evolutionists” despite the fact there are Christian's finding this thing to be offensive.

This story is supposed to be more family friendly? Yeah right.Collapse )

3312: The Lost Lupin - Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin... possibly more
Don't forget about the fanfic contest.

TITLE: The Lost Lupin
COVER/BANNER ART: All of the writers Harry Potter fanfics have a cover art that consists of a red circle with the word Beater in yellow in the Harry Potter font with a couple of brooms under the word. They're also in yellow.
SUMMARY:”The Lupins fear Greyback's revenge will not stop with Remus, but might spread to his little sister Hermione. They make an unorthodox decision to protect their daughter without telling their son. Remus has been looking for his sister ever since. Time travel, AU, EWE, NON-CANON SHIPS (underline this bit 8,000 times), etc. Please see warnings.”
FULL NAME: Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin
SPECIES: They are siblings
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: The first chapter starts off with a flash back where Tonks is jealous of Hermione because she doesn't know the truth and then it jumps to where Adromeda is handing over some of Remus' things to Hermione. Hermione decides to time travel again, this time going into the past and using a de-aging potion so she can become sixteen and stop Dumbledore from getting Remus' doing things for him for information for his sister.
ORIGIN: This may not be the best way to put it, but the writer enjoys trashing canon. This Hermione was sent through time to protect her from Greyback so that she is young enough to be Remus' daughter. “Hermione Rhea Lupin had been born at St. Mungo's Hospital in 1962, she was two years younger than her older brother. Remus had agreed to join the Order, to go undercover with the werewolf packs, because Dumbledore promised him information about his sister. Hermione's stomach clenched in horror. She knew that Remus' activities during the first wizarding war had caused both James and Sirius to question his loyalty to the Order. That was why they'd chosen Pettigrew instead of Remus. It was her fault. It was all her fault. Hermione started crying and couldn't stop. She felt comforting arms slide around her shoulders and she turned her face into Andromeda's neck and sobbed.”
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Hermione's parents were able to use time travel technology despite the fact it is regulated by the ministry. This is one of those stories where Dumbledore is a manipulative SoB. The characters are horribly out of character and I've only read the first chapter.

NOTES: I felt my eyebrows raise up with the first line of the summary. I then saw the bit about time travel. While this does explain how Remus has a sister who is young enough to be his daughter the honest truth is time travel isn't just unorthodox, it is far from the best sollution for hiding ones child. I got into the story and read this in the author's note. “Completely AU, canon shall be shredded until it begs for mercy, and perhaps a bit more just for fun.”. This is what the writer wrote for their warnings as well. “WARNINGS: AU, Non-canon compliant, EWE, Poking canon with sharp sticks to watch it flinch, time travel, Marauders, slash, het, bisexuality, couples, threesomes, language, overprotective wolfy brother, anything else you might possibly complain that you weren't warned about.

This particular story is complex, so I don't know if I'll be able to cover every single detail. The best way to put this is the story is over a hundred words long and there is a lot packed into each chapter. Actually... I'm not going to read past the first chapter as the writer really doesn't care about messing up the original canon; to them an AU is … actually, I'm not sure how to word what they think an AU is. I just know that it isn't what an AU actually is. The writer uses walls of text at times and there is no logic at all to the changes they made.

I am though looking at the reviews for the second chapter and egad. Anyways... if you find other things out about this Sue that would normally get tagged let me know. This one is a really toxic kind of toxic.

I don't blame Tonks for suspecting something as Remus' behavior doesn't scream overprotective brother but something else. For some reason the story starts off at the end of the canon story with a flashback.Collapse )

3311: The Taming of the Hogwarts Shrew - Katherine Hawthorne
Don't forget about the fanfic contest. What do you guys think about this link of the day? Flashback Sue is titled Purple Eyes, Black Blood.

Note: I meant to post this entry so it would sometime tomorrow but forgot to change the time stamp. Sorry for the inconvenience.

TITLE: The Taming of the Hogwarts Shrew
PERPETRATOR: bowsbeforebros
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a clip of the writer's avatar which is of an orange flower sticking out of a glass with orange water.
SUMMARY:”Slight AU Katherine Hawthorne was a relatively quiet girl throughout her Hogwarts years. But after she snaps, a much more fiery version of herself is out for everyone to see. Sirius Black never really saw Katherine, but this new turn in her personality makes him wonder about her. But can Sirius tame the Hogwarts Shrew? SiriusxOC LilyxJames”
FULL NAME: Katherine Hawthorne
SPECIES: The character is a modernized version of Shakespeare's character Katherina. She's also a mudblood. Except I'm not sure if she is.
HAIR: red
EYES: blue-green
MARKINGS: Lily and Katherine are in their sixth year which means the story takes place be
CONNECTION TO CANON: Lily and Katherine are discussing the first Star Wars film that they saw over the summer. This would have been the summer of 1975. Mulciber bullies her and suddenly mentions her mother and she tries to kill him. She then proceeds to go into the room and whines in a big long paragraph about how mean Mulciber was. She's thankfully punished with a months worth of detention. Lily comes up to her and starts yelling in caps at her and she whines about how “it was as if someone kicked me out of my own body and was controlling it. I mean, I was in control, I didn't really realize that I was doing it. You know?” Suddenly everybody is “pretending she doesn't exist”. Nothing really is mentioned of her detention after this and she “reverted to her pre-flight mentality”.
ORIGIN: Our Mary Sue is bullied for her red hair and because she is a Mudblood. Her mother was a Mudblood though and there is no information about her father other then the fact he is supposed to be some kind of inverter. Being an inverter doesn't mean though he isn't a Wizard. I think the writer liked the character from TotS and decided she wanted a character like her for their first story without realizing what she was getting into.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Some how Lily and Katherine saw a movie that wouldn't come out for two more years roughly. Mulciber brings up the death of Katherine's mother. This might be seen as a typical bully tactic, but Mulciber indicates that Katerine killed her mother. In the third chapter we find that her mother died in childbirth. (Isn't this stretching things.) I also can't believe this is a first time thing. Yeah... the fact she admits what she does to Lily says it's not a first time thing. If this was a one-time thing I doubt people would be “pretending she didn't exist” either.

NOTES: Shouldn't this be marked as a crossover with Shakespeare? The ties to his work Taming of the Shrew is rather obvious. Does it count as a parody? Actually... reading the story I think it is closer to a parody then a crossover. It's not really that either though.

I'm not sure if I would call the Slytherin bullies “sadists” like the writer does. I'm not even sure if her being fed up with the bullying is enough for her to fly off the handle like she did. What I do know is there is no reason for “taming” her if this was the only time she blew up at people.

An anonymous reviewer writes this in their review. “Why would he want to "tame" her to begin with? Because girls shouldn't be strong and "fiery?" Let's put her in her "place?"” The writers response is “ I did not mean to give the impression that Katherine will be tamed, no sir she won't, and I never said she'd get put in her "place". I merely would like to use some of the plot points from the story that truly inspired it. If you still don't like it or you're angry cause I implied that Sirius would want to tame her ( upon which I never truly gave you a reason why and in which he won't succeed) I can only suggest that you just don't read this story, and I am sorry you wasted your time.

You know... if the writer didn't use the title or name her OC after Shakespeare's character I doubt people would have made the connections. I'm not sure if the writer understands what an archetype character happens to be or that tying her story to Shakespeare's play does in fact imply that Katherine is going to be tamed for her temper. The title and name are misleading and unfair to the readers and not really a tribute to Shakespeare work. Then again... they posted the response as an authors note.

Oh... and there is a Professor Flower running around.

See notes on this one...Collapse )

3310: Aware - Alia, Mary and company
Don't forget about the fanfic contest. I found a nice article on dialog writing for the link of the day. Flashback Sue is a you-Sue.

TITLE: Aware
PERPETRATOR: EmeraldStorm7
COVER/BANNER ART: The cover art depicts the faces of the four main girls who will be dating the guys in this story.
SUMMARY:”Sirius Black had the kind of good looks and charm that unlocked a girl's heart the way mere mortals unlocked doors, but what happens when that prize winning grin fails him and he has to search deeper within to get what he wanted... so deep he discovers layers that he wasn't even aware existed... Marauder Era fic based in their sixth year. SB/OC, JP/LE, RL/OC.”
FULL NAME: Judalia “J”, “Alia”. Devon, Mary MacDonald, Aiza Shafiq, plus a bunch of other random OCs, Lily... there is an Evelyn in there, a Patrick, an Andy, an Isabella McDougal
SPECIES: We have a pack of OCs
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
POSSESSIONS: For some reason the writer likes playing up the idea that the girls like dressing in a skimpy manner despite the fact the teachers would take notice and tell them to change.
CONNECTION TO CANON: An embarrassed Lily tells the guys that they don't know about the new student because “Sirius Black is much TOO important to identify with the whisperers of the commoners.” The story rambles then about breakfast and other random things, like how “[Lily's] talking like a fifteenth century muggle rights activist” and “shortened her skirt”. He meets up with J in the library and the most exciting thing that happens is that Mrs. Norris is kicked out. Which... I don't think Pince would actually do. We randomly get a line about Lily liking James. The plot is pretty much a very weak love triangle for Sirius between Mary and J.
ORIGIN: We have yet another story where Sirius Black is a womanizer who can charm any girl out of their socks... possibly more then their socks... and the girl happens to be the one girl he can't charm. That means as always that it is true love. This said, I'm not sure if Sirius is supposed to be getting together with J. Devon or Mary.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: J is invisible in the fact nobody knows who she is and the Mauraders had to find out who she was despite the fact she'd been assigned as Sirius' astronomy partner. Turns out she's a “new” student which makes this even more. In chapter four we find out that Sirius thought that J was a guy and didn't know she was in the same house as them.

NOTES:The writer came across this particular definition from an online article by Esther Inglis-Arkell. “Aware is an untranslatable word in Japanese referring to the bitter-sweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty. It's that "last burst of summer" feel, or the transience of early spring.”

Out of curiosity I decided to check out the article in question and then decided to check out other articles dealing with untranslatable words. I also looked up “aware” in more then one online dictionary for the Japanese language. While I did find a few words that don't have an actual English word in reality most do. Untranslatable in this case translates to not having a big enough vocabulary to find an actual word that means the same thing.

I think what bothers me the most though is that there is a word in English with the same spelling. The English “aware” also better fits this story then the Japanese “aware”.

In the second chapter I found this note. “So a little heads up, I tampered with the ages of the Black sisters, whilst they remain in the same age order with respects to each other, Bellatrix is a year older than Sirius, Andromeda the same age as Sirius and Narcissa a year younger. Hope that's okay...”

I then realized that I hadn't mistaken “Alia” for “Aiza” and felt like slamming my head against the keyboard. I don't know how anybody can tell the OCs apart from one another, many of which are there only for one chapter. Then again there is no real plot to this story as well.

It is a small school, so how can they not know who everyone in their grade is?Collapse )

3309: Jewels and Darkness - Amethyst
Don't forget about the fanfic contest. It's been awhile since updating the journal due to being ill. No link of the day or Flashback Sue today. Sorry.

TITLE: Jewels and Darkness
PERPETRATOR: MysteryWaters
SUMMARY:”Amethyst has never been an ordinary girl. Most people hate her, and she looks different. Then her life takes an interesting turn, when she discovers she's a wizard. And not your typical wizard either... (All things canon belong to J.K. Rowling.)”
FULL NAME: Amethyst
HAIR: “I have long, fine hair, the color fo the Caribbean sea...”
EYES: “...and bright pink eyes.” In the sixth chapter they're described as magenta instead.
CONNECTION TO CANON: The girl is chased by some monster and ends up rescued by a Wizard who suddenly declares that she is a “Wizard”. In chapter two another “shadow monster” appears and Amethyst continues to run with this Horace person. In the car she asks why she didn't get her Hogwarts acceptance letter despite the fact she shouldn't have such information. Horace is a part of the Order of the Dragon and he takes her to the Leaky Cauldron. She is told about her special ability and how it's either not working or she's something really special. She gets to go to Hogwarts via broomstick and arrives just as the sorting ceremony ends and makes a grand entrance and... we find out she doesn't have to be sorted well... Dumbledore says, “Amethyst is not an ordinary girl, Severus. Nor will she be an ordinary student.” She gets stuck in the Slytherin dorms with the sixth year girls. Pansy and company make fun of her because she looks odd. Some guy comes to rescue the Sue who is bawling.
ORIGIN: I suggest seeing the summary for the sob story. She proceeds after that to live on the streets for five years and is found by a man named Horace Waters.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: I guess we should start off with the impossible hair color with no signs of having Tonk's ability. She is though supposed to be a Metamorphamgus. “We believe something may be wrong. Either your ability is somehow disabled, or you're something entirety different.” the sorting hat is unable to sort her.

NOTES: Are the girls making fun of her because they think she is “ugly” or because they know she's getting special treatment she technically shouldn't be getting?

Angst... more angst... and making decisions no nine year old would be able to comprehend.Collapse )

3308: Harry Crow - Hermione Granger and company
Today's entry was sent in by an anon via my e-mail. Don't forget about the fanfic contest. Today's link of the day involves OoCness in the Harry Potter fandom.
- Flashback Sue for today is a Ginny-Sue.

TITLE: Harry Crow
COVER/BANNER ART: The cover's background is Gringott's bank. The character at the front is Harry Stu dressed up in Victorian age duds.
SUMMARY:”What will happen when a goblin-raised Harry arrives at Hogwarts. A Harry who has received training, already knows the prophecy and has no scar. With the backing of the goblin nation and Hogwarts herself. Complete.” They wouldn't...
FULL NAME: Vernon, Dumbledore, Harry Potter/Crow “Old Crow”, Hermione Granger
SPECIES: They're supposed to be canon characters.
HAIR: “His jet- black wavy hair hung down to his shoulders and framed what Hermione would consider a kind face...”
EYES: “... but those wonderfully expressive almond shaped green eyes melted her heart. If it wouldn't be considered blasphemy, Hermione reckoned this boy was too gorgeous even for Jane Austen to do justice.”
MARKINGS: “If Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet ever had a son, he was standing right in front of Hermione Granger and offering his assistance. The boy was even dressed as if he'd just stepped out of the pages of Pride and Prejudice, Hermione's favourite book.”
POSSESSIONS: “His black frock coat had silk lapels, it also had to be wide at the shoulders to accommodate the body it clothed. Being fitted to accentuate a slim waist was also an effect that the young witch appreciated. The grey waistcoat just visible under the coat matched his trousers, with button up black boots being a nice touch. The ascot knotted cravat, with a diamond cravat pin being a fitting finish to this very nice ensemble.”
CONNECTION TO CANON: Dumbledore blocked the reading of the Potter will and Vernon manages to find Diagon Alley and walks right up to the bank without anyone stopping him. Vernon drops him off at an orphanage and Barchoke goes and adopts him. Something is removed from Harry and Dumbledore finds out that Harry is no longer with the Dursley family. Vernon decides to get a shot gun. Dumbledore then gets the run around from the bankers. The second chapter is about Hermione. “Her mother had sat Hermione down for a talk about boys before she headed off to Hogwarts, the young witch had foolishly thought most of it would never apply to her. Hermione had never understood her classmates' devotion to the latest boy bands, who cared what 'new kids on the block' were doing offstage, or on stage for that matter! She had though her first crush would be on some handsome author or, heaven forbid, a teacher. In the space of a few seconds the boy in front of her had just shattered that illusion into a gazillion pieces.” “She had to say something, he couldn't leave here thinking she was some drivelling drooling moronic fan girl, she didn't even know his name. “ Harry begins to spout of prose to Hermione about the wizarding world and she's falling head over heals. Harry voices a dream to “honour my mother's memory by dressing like this today” and Hermione spouts off “Oh Harry, you know I'll help you any way I can.”
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Vernon managed to find Diagon Alley. The wards on Harry's house are actually meant to help him keep track of the boy. In chapter two an eleven to twelve year old Hermione is comparing Harry Potter to characters from classic books. Harry is turned into a Victorian age dream fest just because he was raised by goblins.

NOTES: Hermione's behavior in the second chapter bothers me. On one side she happens to be very out of character. On the other side there seems to be this idea being put forth that P&P fans having book related crushes is better then having a boy band crush and doesn't amount to “drivelling drooling moronic fan girl” business when it in fact does. I also doubt Hermione would know the word “fan girl” either.

I caught this author's note in the third chapter. “Disclaimer: Since I'm not the owner of these characters, I will probably do things with them that you don't like or agree with. Sorry in advance but that's the nature of fan fiction. To do otherwise kind of defeats the purpose of writing fan fiction, and copying JKR word for word would certainly see a lawsuit heading in my direction.”


There is a term for what the writer is doing... Possession Sue. Anyways... I'll leave it at this and not go past that particular author's note other then to say that the most OoC character is Hermione.

I think they're removing 'Voldemort'...Collapse )

3306 - Family Dealing - Harry Potter
- fanfic contest
- link of the day
- Flashback Sue

TITLE: Family Dueling
COVER/BANNER ART: The picture is a clip of Harry Potter from the movies.
SUMMARY:”AU. Slash. Harry's parentage is a bit more complicated than anyone ever told him.”
FULL NAME: Harry Potter
SPECIES: He is a half-breed demon.
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
CONNECTION TO CANON: Harry is jumpy and someone approaches him telling him that the “stupid wizards” didn't bother telling him something. Crowley suddenly announced that James couldn't have kids so Lily and James decided to adopt him. Harry is in fact the son of Crowley. Crowley whines about how he couldn't get Harry back when James and Lily died. Dumbledore tries to get Harry to stay away from the Demon and Crowley says “You didn't think you could keep him from me forever did you?” Harry announces that he is going with his dad because he kept so many secrets. In chapter four he states he wants to perhaps see Disney World and Crawley suggests going on a Caribbean cruise instead.
ORIGIN: The writer decided to mesh two fandoms together without thinking about how they actually fit together.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Harry can see “black eyes” and use wandless magic to the point “magic [pools] in his hands”. He of course carries the blood magic of demons.

NOTES: Can anyone think of a story plot line that would be realistic as well as interesting that could use a summary similar to this one. You know... “[blank's] parentage is a bit more complicated than anyone ever told [them]”? Or do you think the summary needs to go into more depth then this or be worded differently?

I stopped reading when they started planning a trip. The whole point of making Harry's parentage “more complicated” was to make him “cooler” or “super cool”.

(...)Collapse )

3305: Betrayal - Harry Potter
Don't forget about the fanfic contest. Brotaku? Flashback Sue involves a chick from Beauxbaton.

TITLE: Betrayal
AWFUL (awful)
COVER/BANNER ART: It is a clip of their avatar. I'm guessing off the top of my head The Hobbit or Game of Thrones.
SUMMARY:”Harry Potter experiences betrayal of the worst sort. The Ministry of Magic drugs him then hands him over to a muggle terrorist organization and bids him goodbye. Harry Potter/Tony Stark/Loki.”
FULL NAME: Harry Potter
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
POSSESSIONS: Jarvis orders that Harry get a phone towards the end of chapter seven.
CONNECTION TO CANON: Harry Potter ends up helping Yinsen with the healing of Tony. This continues into the second chapter where Harry blabs about the Wizarding world which continues into chapter three. We get more of the Iron Man plot line. In continues to the forth chapter where both are stuck outside in the desert and run into a Griffin. A helicopter comes in chapter five and suddenly Draco, Neville, Hermione and Ginny. Draco and Hermione are together. Harry then heads to the International Wizarding Council in chapter six to gain “political immunity from Britian” as well as “attain American citizenship for [him] and [his] friends.” Chapter seven has Kreacher show up.
ORIGIN: Of all the terrorist organizations within the Marvel universe to hand him over to... this one isn't believable. The writer can't be bothered to pay attention to canon. Harry then rescues Tony's life in chapter nine. (Is it just me, or is it similar to a scene between Pepper and Harry?) Despite the change in plot Lily, Albus and James show up in chapter ten. This... or we're talking about the dead people and not the kids.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Harry is turned into a Tag-a-Long-Stu. In chapter seven Harry mentions his “elemental magic”. Apparently “elemental magic” is the solution to not having a wand instead of wandless magic.

NOTES: Harry's response to Draco asking him if he can use elemental magic is, “all elves can use some kind of elemental magic”. There are other things that occur in the story, but this is the gest of it.

(...)Collapse )

3305: Percy Orion Potter - See Entry
I'm tired today so I'm simply reminded about the fanfic contest.

TITLE: Percy Orion Potter
COVER/BANNER ART: n/a (Images on the pit are down.)
SUMMARY:”Soul mates, the ones that will fill the void. The ones that will be the other half of your soul, some people may think that they don't have one but they do, it is just a matter of finding them and some people die before they even have chance to find them. Others give up on finding them believing them to be a myth, and yet despite all that they are real.”
FULL NAME: Hadrian “Rain”, Charlus “Char” and Morin”... Perseus Orion Potter/Jackson
SPECIES: They're brothers... those three. Perseus is the son of Hadrian and Poseidon.
HAIR: n/a
EYES: n/a
MARKINGS: Each soul mate of the Gods and Goddesses has a mark they are born with. Instead of calling it a birthmark the story calls it a tattoo. The tattoo happens to be “a symbol of the God or Goddess”.
POSSESSIONS: Hardian has daggers.
CONNECTION TO CANON: There are three brothers who are supposed to have gone to Hogwarts who are supposed to have been brothers with scars who moved to America. This guy named Hardian runs around with daggers that he can put at the throats of people who sneak up on him. They're afraid of Voldemort and hear him in their nightmares. Second chapter is about baby Perseus and the fates and how “Fate and Destiny go hand in hand”. More stuff along these lines for the next two chapters and then he's sixteen. There is a line in the fifth chapter that reads along the lines of “They had never met the other man and were glad that they hadn't, if they did they would have killed him for getting their brother pregnant and leaving him.” Harry also randomly shows up in this chapter. Sixth chapter takes place in Camp Half-Blood.
ORIGIN: The story starts off reading like original fiction disguised as fanfiction.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Despite being male Hadrian is able to give birth to Poseidon's son Perseus Orion Potter/Jackson

NOTES: (…)

You bear the mark... so your my soul mate whether you like it or not.Collapse )

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